Can You Eat Halloween Pumpkins?

So October has arrived and with it all the best parts of the year. Halloween, cooler days, changes to the trees, tasty food and all the reasons to snuggle up under a blanket – it’s my favourite month of the year. It also brings pumpkins, many different varieties and types including the traditional Halloween one and one simple question. Can You Eat Halloween Pumpkins?

Can You Eat Halloween Pumpkins?

I Love Pumpkins

One thing I hate is how many people see the word pumpkin and all they can think of is carving one then shoving a light inside for one day a year. Although they look wonderful and are a lot of fun, it’s doing this wonderful food a disservice.

There are loads of different varieties of pumpkins and squashes, all with their own unique look and flavour. Luckily for us, the supermarkets have started stocking these delightfully tasty vegetables so take a look next time you’re shopping.

So, Can You Eat Halloween Pumpkins?

The answer is yes! Halloween pumpkins are perfectly safe to eat but to be honest, they’re grown for their size and as a symbol of Halloween so they’re not all that flavoursome.

Don’t get me wrong, please don’t waste your Halloween pumpkin as it can be used for many different dishes. If you’re looking for a pumpkin for flavour then picking a different, and often smaller variety will be tastier. Failing that, a squash such as a Butternut Squash is great for a food dish.

So over the next few weeks when you head to the supermarket or your local pumpkin patch, start imaging ways to make your pumpkin go further than just one night. Soup, stew, risotto, pie, curry and those extremely tasty seeds are just a few ways to make that pumpkin worth every penny.

What will you do with your pumpkin this year?

Can You Eat Halloween Pumpkins?

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