The Indispensable Creative Kit For Freelancers

Did you know that more and more people quit their office jobs to embrace a creative career? Professionals in the UK are keen to find their creative voice, which, as a result of an office-based job, tends to be often muted by the corporate requirement. The main problem is that a creative career as a freelancer takes a lot of work.

The Indispensable Creative Kit For Freelancers

Of course, you need to develop your skills before you launch into a new professional adventure — but you’ve probably figured that one out already. More importantly, you need to establish a viable creative routine to make it work.

The Day Starts with a Drink

As surprising as it might sound, you can’t start your home-based work without a drink that wakes you up. It’s not a matter of getting not enough sleep, but it’s about the way caffeine affects your brain. It generates a sense of alertness and focus, which gets you into a position where you can hit the ground running.

Pick your favourite brew, but if you’re a coffee drinker, it makes sense to look for the great coffee subscription service from Two Chimps. This guarantees you regular deliveries to your door of your favourite drink. Similarly, a great cup of tea can do the same thing. But ultimately, you need to start the day with a quick boost.

The Home Office Needs to be Inspiring

Let’s clarify things from the start; you can’t work from the corner of your kitchen table. You need a room dedicated to your creative work, aka a home office. If you’re using the guest bedroom as a home office, you can adjust the decor to create a cosy and inspiring space without breaking the bank. You can make an accent wall, using canvas prints or a photo collage, which can keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day, without needing to invest too much in home improvement projects.

At the end of the day, you want to have an office you can call yours. Decorating it is not just a matter of vanity, it’s also a way to introduce a healthy work/life balance.

Save and Store Your Creative Work

Your work is precious. As a creative, you rely on inventive designs, writing or patterns to make a living. Consequently, you need to protect your ideas. You can secure digital data in a cloud storage facility. However, you might want to add a separate storage disk to ensure all work you save in the clouds is also stored in a different location. This protects you from accidental loss and damages.

Learn to Stay Organised

If you imagine a desk covered in paperwork and plenty of original objects all around your home office, it’s time to remember what your career choice is about. There is no excuse for creative individuals to keep a messy office, as staying organised will save you a lot of stress and time in the long term. Ultimately, you can’t afford to lose an invoice or a brief, when your income depends on staying on top of your workload and market.

In conclusion, contrary to what you might believe, your essential creative kit doesn’t involve equipment and tools. It’s about establishing the right environment for your career. Once you’ve got that, you can move on to getting the gear you need!

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