Me, A Desert Island And Eight Songs…This Is DesertDisc

Well, thanks to the wonderful man behind Virtual Wombat (he is wonderful, yes I am biased) I’ve been nominated for the DesertDisc tag. I’ve been charged with the mammoth task of choosing only eight songs that I’d take on to a desert island. Obviously this is assuming there is electricity or I have full charge on my phone (I never have full charge on my phone). So, here are the eight songs that I’ve chosen for my DesertDisc challenge.


DesertDisc – Not As Easy As You Might Think

Until you sit down and really think about the songs you love the most you can’t begin to imagine how hard it is. What do you pick? Just the songs you like? Songs that have meaning to you? Or is there another factor to consider when choosing them? For me and my eight I have mixed up some of the songs I just love and others that have meaning or signified a point in my life.

DesertDisc #1 – Eminem: Way I Am

Eminem came along during my mid-teens. This my first step away from the conventional pop music that my peers listened to (think BoyZone, Spice Girls, Westlife) and into the world of much rougher, raw music. Some of his songs really helped me work through some pretty messed up emotions at the time. I was doing my GCSEs, my Dad had just re-married, I wasn’t getting along with my new step-mum and I was just an angry 15 year old. I have a lot of respect for the guy as an artist and still listen to the occasional song, this one in particular.

 DesertDisc #2 – Linkin Park: Crawling

I clearly remember sitting in the car with my dad when this song came on the radio. He’d been moaning about the music I was listening to (see song #1) and I said to him “at least I don’t listen to this crap”. It wasn’t long after that I actually took the time to sit and listen to this song properly while watching the video on MTV. Something inside me just clicked. This was my first step towards my appreciation of rock and metal music. It was from this point I learnt how much I enjoyed “real music”. Guitars, drums, real meaning behind the lyrics of a song and what singers can sound like without being passed through auto-tune.

 DesertDisc #3 – Yashin: Stand Up

Yashin are, without a doubt, my favourite band. They only had a relatively small career together, gracing our ears for 10 years, but they had such a huge impact. They are the only band who has made me cry about calling it a day. This song is a quintessential one. It’s fan favourite, it’s a band favourite and it’s meaning hits you in all the right places. “Stand up and make yourself known, stand up to stop yourself from falling”. Picking just one song from these guys was hard but this one shows them off perfectly.

DesertDisc #4 – My Chemical Romance: I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

This has always been one of my “angry songs”! People know to stay away from me if I have it on LOUD and I’m shouting along. It also reflects the alternative side of me; the black eyes, black hair, skinny black jeans and band t-shirts. My emo side will always be strong, I will always love this song and I’ll forever be a teenager at heart.

DesertDisc #5 – Rammstein: Sonne

If you have also read Virtual Wombat’s DesertDisc then you’ll see that he also has this song on his. Sonne was the first time I’d ever heard of Rammstein. I was flicking through the music channels (a teenage hobby of mine) when this flashed up and I was pulled in by the video at first. I mean, who wouldn’t be intrigued by Snow White snorting gold and spanking the dwarfs? This song launched me into a complete love of the band and seeing them live was an experience I’ll never forget. Nobody puts on a show quite like Rammstein.

DesertDisc #6 – Rest In Peace – From Once More With Feeling (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Written by Joss Whedon and performed by James Marsters (Spike) – this is an unusual entry. I love musicals, I love vampires, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I had a fascination with Spike while watching the show. With that in mind this song is just everything I love mushed into a cheesy rock song that does nothing but make me smile, sing along AND copy Spike’s moves.

DesertDisc #7 – Wicked: Defying Gravity

Sticking with the musical theme, I’m throwing this one in to the mix. Now there are many songs from musicals I love – Phantom of the Opera, Cats etc but I’ve only ever seen Wicked live. Aaron took me for my 30th birthday and it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. I first heard Defying Gravity on Glee when it was performed by Rachel and Kurt (Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer), I was hooked on the song. When it was performed on stage I cried, I tingled and even now listening to it I tear up.

DesertDisc #8 – Marilyn Manson: Tainted Love

One of the things I love about Marilyn Manson is how well he covers other people’s songs, as well as producing amazing songs himself. I have many favourite covers but this one, originally sung by Gloria Jones (but made famous by Soft Cell), has to be my favourite. Everything about MM fascinates me and in a way defines me. I’m weird, funny looking and have an obsession with everything dark and Gothic.

Now, that was a difficult post to write. People who know me might be surprised by the lack of certain bands, namely Black Veil Brides. Anyhoo, that’s my eight. Thanks to Virtual Wombat for the nomination – if you haven’t read his there you can find it here – Desert Island Discs: Picking Eight Songs Is Really Hard.

Now, to inflict this upon another. I choose Katy from

What would you choose?


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