Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Concentrated Detergent

I hate doing the laundry, as I’m sure most people do. It’s a long task that I just can’t be bothered with so I’m always looking for ways to make it easier. In the past I’ve been known to go for the cheapest, budget detergent but all that seems to do is prolong the time doing this awful task. Here is how Ecover is helping my laundry life.

Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Concentrated Detergent

Typical Laundry Routine

I’m terrible when it comes to doing the laundry. Have you seen those laundry memes? Well, I’m most likely to have created said meme. I’ve been known to leave the clean washing in the washer so long that I have to redo the entire wash, which obviously wastes my time and money.

Ecover non-bio laundry concentrated detergent

When I’m not failing in the laundry department my typical load is lots of darks. Most of the family’s clothes are dark in nature with the exception of Eban’s school t-shirts and the bed sheets. Washing them together is no longer an option as I don’t want Eban’s white shirts to become grey…at least not until halfway through the school year.

I typically do one white load a week once Eban has destroyed his school tops, they often have to have a few hours soak in Vanish first. I’ll also do 2-3 dark loads a week, depending on whether Eban has actually put any clothes on when he’s got home from school or just spent the evening in his pants.

What I Need From My Detergent

It’s not until recently that I’ve really paid attention to what I’m washing my clothes with. Previously it was whatever was the cheapest or on offer; often resulting in Supermarket own brands.

With my obvious laundry flaws, this way of thinking wasn’t always the best. Cheaper detergents don’t hold their scent long and soon you get that wet, fusty smells that means you need to rewash your load or die from embarrassment because that foul smell in the office is your clothes.

So for me, the number one thing I look for is a scent that lasts, not only beyond the initial washing period but if it can survive two days wet in the washer or two days on the clothes airer drying in the winter.

I then look at how the product impacts the environment. Is it cruelty-free? Does it harm anything once it’s left the washer? Is it classed as Vegan? As a plant-based eater, I have started looking at changing the products I use around the house, caring for the environment is very important in our family and we try our best where we can.

Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Concentrated Detergent
Drying my washing on the airer. This can take days if I don’t have the heating on.

I Don’t Completely Hate Doing The Laundry

I might dislike the actual cleaning process but there is nothing I love more than freshly washed bed sheets. I love how soft they feel and how clean they smell, obviously this doesn’t last long until they’re smelling like the previous night’s bean stew.

I love to smell the laundry as I’m putting it on the line or the airer.

My Thoughts On Ecover

Does it do its job? Yes, and it does it very well. My washing has come out clean and fresh smelling. The scent has lasted too so I’ve not had to think about rewashing any of my loads while using it.

What I have been impressed with is the fact that not only did it do what it was made to do (clean clothes) but it’s done it in a way that ticks my environmental needs. They are cruelty-free with this product being made from plant-based and mineral ingredients. They even have the Leaping Bunny seal of approval.

If you’re looking for a detergent that delivers on cleaning, smells great and is kinder not only to your skin but to the environment then I would recommend Ecover’s non-bio concentrated laundry detergent.

This post is an entry for Britmums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover. I was sent the Ecover non-bio laundry concentrated detergent featured in this post for free, however, all opinions are my own.

I put Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Concentrated Detergent to the test. Did it include everything I'm looking for in a washing detergent?

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