A Geek, Gamer and Streamer’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018

I found it really hard to try and split some of these gift ideas up into separate guides as they all intermingle so I decided that it was necessary to do a geek, gamer and streamer’s Christmas gift guide. I hope you enjoy what I’ve included.

Let’s Get Retro

geek, gamer and streamers christmas gift guide

I do love a bit of retro gaming. There is nothing quite like relaxing on the sofa and reliving my childhood with a game I so loved way-back-when. It’s increasingly easy to do now too with retro gaming making a come back. These pocket-sized screens filled with over 100 8bit games are perfect for not only the geek in your life but also the gamer. You can grab one on Find Me A Gift for £14.99.

Light It Up

I first saw these at BlogOn when the awesome guys at Paladone were showcasing them, they are a MUST have for anyone who loves their gaming and geekdom. Not only do they look fab on your shelf but if you’re a streamer, the gaming-themed ones look especially good behind you on camera. They come in a range of themes including DC, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Rick and Morty. I’ll list each collection separately so it’s easier for you to find which set you want, the Rick and Morty collection is currently pre-order and available from Zavvi on the 7th December 2018.

Super Mario – Boo, Goomba, Question Block and Super Mushroom

The Legend of Zelda – Green Rupee, Heart Container and Triforce

DC Comics – Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Superman, The Flash, The Joker and Wonder Woman

Rick and Morty – Mr Meeseeks, Rick, Toxic Rick and Morty

The Year Ahead

geek, gamer and streamers gift guide 2018 Star Wars Calendar 2019

It’s not a geeky guide without at least one Star Wars item on it, is it? Well, I absolutely LOVE this calendar. Each month there is a gorgeous image of your favourite character, characters or vehicle from the movies. This one will be going to Eban for his room but at the end of next year, I’ll be looking to recycle it and maybe frame each month, or at least our favourites so they can be displayed all year round. This is currently at your local Calendar Club pop up store (that’s when you know it’s nearly Christmas) or for those who are anti-social, you can grab it via Amazon for the same price of £9.99.

One For The Streamers

geek, gamer and streamer Christmas gift guide 2018 Snowball iCE

Or YouTubers. A must have for anyone wanting to stream via PC or create YouTube videos is a good microphone. So if you’re wanting to help your streaming friend or family member get ahead of the game then check out the Snowball iCE. It’s a fantabby mid-range microphone that sounds great. It comes with its own tripod or it can be attached to a scissor arm (sold separately). It’s available in black or white, in case you have a preference or their gaming rig is themed, and you can grab it on Amazon from £40.99.

Little Dragons Cafe

Probably one of the most adorable games I’ve played in a long while, Little Dragon’s cafe is a story of two siblings helping in their family cafe while raising a baby dragon. You need to source ingredients, take orders, prepare dishes and serve your customers all while making sure your dragon grows big and strong. I’ve got it on The Switch but it’s also available on the PS4. You can check out some of my gameplay before buying but it is a beautiful game. It’s currently retailing on Amazon for £39.99 on both platforms.

Qwertee T-Shirts

Probably my favourite place to buy t-shirts is Qwertee. Not only are they great quality shirts their designs are pure, untainted geek and they’re constantly being updated. We recently did a bulk order with them and got some awesome designs. If you’re not sure which designs to go for then you can grab a gift card to send instead, allowing them to choose their own. Check out my haul video for an idea of what is available but remember, designs are always changing so there isn’t always the same designs available.

I Choose You

geek gamer streamer gift guide 2018 switch
Let’s Go Pikachu Nintendo Switch – Images courtesy of Amazon: Priced £339.99 (18/11/2018)

I’m pretty sure you’ll find it hard to find any geek, gamer or streamer who wouldn’t want the new Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee edition Switch. Decorated with Pikachu and Eevee decals with colour coordinated controllers, this is by far my favourite version of the console. This package comes with the Pikachu or Eevee version of the game as well as the Pokeball controller. At £339.99 for this package, the regular base price is £279 so this package is saving you £15 if you were to buy the Game/Pokeball bundle on top of it.

Nerdy Nummies

geek gamer streamer christmas gift guide 2018 cook book
The Geeky Chef Cookbook: Image courtesy of Firebox: Priced £12.99 (18/11/2018)

What better way to game or watch your favourite films that with some homemade geeky goodies. I love geek-themed baking and have made my own things in passed such as themed cupcakes. There is a huge range of cookbooks available such as World of Warcraft and Harry Potter themed books.

Stream Deck

geek gamer streamer christmas gift guide 2018 stream deck
Elgato Stream Deck: Images courtesy of Amazon: Priced £89.99 (18/11/2018)

This is another one just for the streamers. A stream deck is a useful tool for any streamer as it allows them to switch between screens, set off alerts and do a range of different things while they are live. I personally have the 15 button version and it is a lot of buttons but they now have the smaller six button deck which is perfect if they just need a few prompts. It’s currently £89.99 on Amazon for the six button or £127 for the 15 button versions.

That’s my Geek, Gamer and Streamer’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018, I hope you like the selection I’ve put together and it provides a little inspiration. Make sure you keep an eye out for other Christmas content across the blog including recipes, other gift guides and ideas.

I was sent some of the items featured in this gift guide for free, in exchange for this post. This doesn’t change how I feel about them, I still think they’re all pretty awesome which is why they’ve been included.

What are you getting your geek this year?

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