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Having a cat, dog and child seriously takes its toll on the carpets in the house. Dirt, hair, crumbs and all other manner of disgusting grime gets stuck in the piles so when it comes to a vacuum cleaner I want to make sure it does a great job. Lucky for us, the guys at AO.com were on the lookout for someone to review the Hoover Velocity Evo Reach and we were in need of a new vacuum so it was perfect timing.

Hoover Velocity Evo Reach

Our last vacuum had done a great job at keeping our carpets clean. Unfortunately, Dax (the dog) doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner (or the mower or the dishwasher or the washing machine) and managed to puncture the main suction pipe so it lost a lot of power, even after taping it up. For this reason, we decided we need to look for a new one.

Hoover Velocity Evo Reach

Getting straight to the point, I love this vacuum cleaner. I immediately saw a difference in the cleanliness of the carpets and that was confirmed with the amount of debris in the cylinder. There is a load of functions that this vacuum has that I think makes it the best one I’ve used yet and I’ll talk about them separately below.

The Attachments

Now, there isn’t really anything additional to the attachments that you can’t get on my other vacuums but what I love about these attachments is that they all have their place on the main body of the cleaner. They have a secure spot where they “live” without having to stuff one or two of them in a cupboard where you forget about them. The pet attachment lives right on the front of the hoover and does a great job on the stairs and sofa.

Hoover Velocity Evo Reach VE02 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Extension Hose

So, the hose isn’t directly connected to the cleaner, unlike my previous one. This is great for me as it means Dax can’t sneak attack me while cleaning and sink her teeth into it causing another puncture. The hose connects to a port at the back of the hoover and you can then add any of the attachments to the other end.

The hose is 4.5m long which means it can stretch up to 13 steps with no problem. Using the pet attachments makes cleaning the stairs a breeze.

Hoover Velocity Evo Reach VE02 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Power Cord

At an amazing 12m long, the power cord allows me to plug the cleaner in at a certain socket in the house and vacuum almost all the rooms without having to change sockets; just the far corners of two rooms that it doesn’t quite reach. It tidies up nice and neatly at the back of the cleaner too.

Intellicare Technology

When you stop moving the vacuum for a short period of time the output of the brush bar reduces to protect your carpet. This is great as it means you can move furniture or pick up a toy without having to worry about turning the cleaner off or about any damage to your carpets by leaving it running.


Well, not quite silent but it’s much quieter than the last one, a listed noise level of 80dB. Aaron actually commented about how quiet it is but unfortunately not quiet enough to stop Dax from worrying.

More Positives

The cleaner has an energy rating of A+ which is something I always opt for when appliances, I don’t want to be paying more for electricity than I need to.

It gathers 1.5 litres of dust and grime in the easy-to-empty cylinder, no bags to worry about bursting or replacing.

Works fine on carpets and hard floor, moving from carpeted living room to a hard floor kitchen is a doddle.

As well as being easy to empty, the filters are accessible and again simple to clean.

Any Downsides?

To be honest I’ve not found anything major that I don’t like about it. It is much heavier to push around than my last one and it weighs 7.3kg. Other than that I’m perfectly happy with its performance and value for money.

The Important Bits

As I said, the guys at AO sent me the Hoover Velocity Evo Reach for an honest review so you can find it on their site for £139 (at the time of writing this review). Free next day delivery is also available on it, obviously depending on where you live and if slots are available.

If you have any questions about the Hoover Velocity Evo Reach then drop them below in the comments or get in contact with me on social media, I’m happy to answer your queries. Now, I’m off to do the hoovering.

A review of the Hoover Velocity Evo Reach VE02 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Great for people with pets, children and other scruffbags who like to muddy up the household floors.

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