Kid’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018

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I don’t know about you but I’m finding it harder to shop for Eban as each year passes. I mean, the kid has everything and if there is something he doesn’t have then the grandparents are ready to swoop in and buy it for him. Well, I’ve been doing a little searching on the web, coupled with some a few generously supplied items to help give you an idea about what to buy the kiddiwinkies in your life. This is my kid’s Christmas gift guide 2018.

So, I’ll break this guide down into a few categories, so it’s not all toys. A selection of toys, games and clothes so there is something for everyone. I’ve featured a link to all the items but you might find them cheaper so make sure you shop around before you buy.


It’s not Christmas without toys so here is a selection of some of the ones I like or that are even a must have this year.

L.O.L Surprise!

Kid's Christmas Gift Guide 2018 L.O.L Surprise!
L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise! Image courtesy of Amazon: priced at £79.99 (17/11/2018)

I’ve heard on the grapevine (aka Facebook) that these are the must-have toys of the year. Last year we had a ridiculously creepy doll that gave Chucky a run for his money and this year it’s a box of surprise! I don’t have anyone in my family who’d be buying one of these but I’ve seen a lot of chatter which is why I’ve included it in my kid’s Christmas gift guide for this year.


Kid's Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Fingerlings
Fingerlings – Image courtesy of Amazon: prices start from £9.99 (17/11/2018)

I think these are adorable and love that they now come in all different designs. Eban got a monkey last year before they became all the rage but now they’re available in designs such as unicorns, dragons and dinosaurs with accessories as well as plush versions. They move and make noises which feels like they’re alive – the perfect pet really.

Create Your Own Slime

Kid's Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Slime

Love it or hate it, you can’t escape it! Instagramers and YouTubers love making it for scratch but for those busy parents who just don’t have the time to spare then this is a great alternative. Using the Slime Factory kids can make their own oooey, gooey disgustingly, glitteringly awesome slime creations. Just add water. This factory comes in two different colour sets, blue and green as pictured or turquoise and purple. The factories are £19.99 each and new pots start from £3.99 so no need to worry if they run out of slime.

You’re welcome.

Their Own Fairytale

Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Fairytale book

I’m a huge fan of personalised gifts, I just feel that they’re a little bit more special; especially for kids. So when this “Once Upon A Time” book fell in my inbox I couldn’t say no. It’s a beautiful compilation of stories in an A4 (A3 option available) full-colour hardback book. You can have your child’s name on the front and a personalised message on the inside. It’s available in A4 for £29.99 with In The Book.

D.I.Y UnicornKid's Christmas Gift Guide 2018 DIT Unicorn

Who hasn’t wanted to decorate their own unicorn? This gift is great for your unicorn loving child as it allows them to cover their own magical beast in stickers and gems, really showing off their own style. It glows in the dark too. Obviously, the most magical gift in this guide and you can pick it up for £9.99 at most toy retailers.


kid's christmas gift guide 2018 hexbug

While at BlogOn this year I got the chance to give the new Robot Wars a go, it was a lot of fun bashing Matilda’s robot brains in. So, if you’ve got a Hexbug obsessed child then the obvious choice for them this Christmas is the Robot Wars toys. As well as the robots themselves, you can get arenas for them to battle in and other accessories which allow your child to truly replicate a Robot Wars battle. Sparkplug, as shown in the image starts from £7.99 with other figures available.

A Couple of Games

I love sending and receiving a good game at Christmas so here are a few to consider. Some are family whereas there are a couple just for the kids.

Kids Christmas gift guide 2018 games


Grabolo is a fast-paced matching game. Roll the dice and then be the first to find the combination. It takes concentration and a keen eye to be able to find the one matching item out of 36 pieces. It’s for ages 6+ and a minimum of two players. You can grab it for less than £12 and it’ll give you at least 10 minutes to yourself on Christmas day.


This is a great game for the whole family. Kind of a take on Uno or Snap, players have to be quick to match the card that has been called but a twist being that the cards must be announced in Caveman speak. You can guarantee that this will end in fits of laughter on family night. You can find Caveman here for less than £10.


This game is on our to-buy this list Christmas because we’re big fans of word puzzles. This can be played alone or with up to four people and the aim of the game is to have the most of the board covered with your coloured tokens by finding words. There are two versions of this available; one for 8+ and a junior version for aged 4+. Both are currently priced around £16 on Amazon.


You can’t beat a new outfit or a year’s supply of pants and socks for Christmas, so here are a few clothing ideas I thought would be nice.

What Bear Wore

kids christmas gift guide 2018 what bear wore
Images courtesy of What Bear Wore

What Bear Wore offers handmade, custom-sized clothing for children. She has a range of the most adorable fabrics and makes some amazing sets to a high-quality standard. Now, she’s only a one-woman bandwagon with her own little bear to take care of so items can take a couple of weeks to be made and sent, make sure you drop her a message to check how she is for a timescale. Oh, and she’s also my best friend, but I’m not biased.

Asda Onesies

kids christmas gift guide 2018 onesies
Marvel Onesie – Image courtesy of Asda: prices start from £12 (17/11/2018)

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed what an awesome range of onesies Asda is stocking this year. They have practically everything covered from The Incredibles 2 and Marvel to Pokemon and Paw Patrol. I must admit one of my favourites is the Marvel one as they get four eye masks with it too. They start from as little as £8 but make sure you order online for click and collect so you’re not disappointed.

That’s my Kid’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018, I hope you like the selection I’ve put together and it provides a little inspiration. Make sure you keep an eye out for other Christmas content across the blog including recipes, other gift guides and ideas.

I was sent some of the items featured in this gift guide for free, in exchange for this post. This doesn’t change how I feel about them, I still think they’re all pretty awesome which is why they’ve been included.

What are you getting the kids this year?

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