Isn’t It Time You Started Loving Yourself?

Many women in modern society lack body and self-acceptance. We seem to either be starving or stuffing ourselves and most of us spend the majority of our lives either on a diet or binging. How can we possibly feel good about ourselves in this type of doom loop?

Isn’t It Time You Started Loving Yourself?

Isn’t It Time You Started Loving Yourself?

The pressures to look a certain way are inescapable and we as women are so hard on ourselves. Have you ever thought that if we could stop focusing on a number on a scale or a particular clothes size or style, it would be easier to live a happy and fulfilled life? Does any of that stuff even matter in the long run?

What if we chose to accept ourselves? I mean really accept absolutely everything about our current bodies. As long as you take care of yourself and make healthy choices you will feel good, regardless of how you look. Sometimes, when we make healthier choices, our body and scale can fail to reflect that and it is very discouraging. That turns into self-loath and reflects the binge or starve act that follows.

You may not realise it, but nearly everyone, no matter how skinny/tall/perfectly shaped they may look, feels insecure about themselves from time to time. Here are some tools for you to learn to love your body, no matter what your size is.

Break Away

Do not give anyone the delight of making you feel bad about yourself. If you have someone in your life that makes you feel fat or ugly or unworthy, you need to break away from them. The majority of people that make you feel like this do it because of their own insecurities. They try to make themselves feel better by putting other people down and this is not healthy for you to be around.

Do not give them a single second more of your time.

Buy Right

Make sure that when you purchase clothes or underwear, you get the right size that fits you. You want clothes that make you feel comfortable and sexy – stop worrying about the size on the label! No one even sees that anyway. There is nothing more unhealthy for your physical and emotional health than starving yourself for a week to fit into a dress you bought a size too small because you couldn’t face buying the next size up.

Being comfortable in your clothes will make you feel more confident and happy.

Isn’t It Time You Started Loving Yourself?

Be Brave

Be brave and jump into some sort of exercise, but don’t do it to lose weight or change your body, do it to try a new experience or to have some fun. The results will follow naturally. It may seem scary to start something new, but it won’t be new forever and the experience could open new doors and opportunities. Once you make that first move, you will feel better with every step you take. Start a new class with a group of friends and have a giggle while moving your body.

Exercise shouldn’t be about punishing your body, it’s about moving and enjoying it.

Spoil Yourself

You are amazing and you deserve to spoil yourself every so often. Many of us have a habit of using food to make us feel better, also known as comfort eating. Instead of using food, buy a new crockery set for the kitchen, some new cushions for the lounge or a cute new silk bed sheet for your bedroom.

Treating yourself to items rather than food will give you the same high, but it’s a healthy one. For example, why not treat you or your other half to luxury men’s and women’s leather bracelets, making for an excellent gift!

Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself to other people. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. The flatness of your stomach or size of your waist does not define you as a person so it’s time to stop chasing a goal that doesn’t really matter.

Focus on being happy and kind instead. Accentuate your assets that you love to help you feel more confident, and complement them with accessories of your choosing. We all have imperfections we dislike about ourselves, sometimes they are things we cannot change so we just need to learn to embrace and love them.

You are beautiful so start acting like it and take care of the body you have today.

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