Tips For Making It As An International IRL Streamer

Streaming is not always an easy task, and streaming in the ‘IRL’ bracket could be considered even harder. Not only is this an intensely competitive field, but it will require some serious physical and mental effort to sustain this type of content.

Tips For Making It As An International IRL Streamer

For the uninitiated, an IRL streamer is someone who decides to stream to a large platform, such as Mixer, Twitch or YouTube. Instead of streaming gameplay footage of the latest video game, or perhaps showing off their creative skills with an instrument, they decide to take a camera with them and stream most of their day on a consistent basis.

This allows for an almost-always-on development of content, allowing engagement with an audience to an extreme degree, and if you become popular this could lead to some wonderful experiences. There are many famous IRL streamers, such as Ice Poseidon or Hitch Live. However, to stamp your own personality on your content, you will first need to know the basics.

Here are some tips to help you stand out in your field, and potentially making it as an international IRL streamer:


The first item you’ll need for this pursuit is a camera. Without it, you’ll never be able to stream. Some people use high-end mobile phones, some use wifi-enabled mobile balanced cameras, while others even use drones to help establish a sense of more curated and flyover establishing footage. You can find a list of the best mobile streaming devices here.

Ensuring you have the best product with reliability and durability can help you stay live for more hours a day, stream in a high quality with a reinforced bitrate, and also transport the device with as little difficulty as possible. Often, these cameras can be coupled with screens, either on your mobile through an app or on the device itself to help you interact with your audience.

That’s right, services from Twitch to YouTube allow you to interface with your audience live, perhaps reading off donations, answering questions or even asking for advice from your audience.

Your camera will be your prize companion during this journey, so it’s essential to try and invest well in this product. However, purchasing is not the only responsibility you have to yourself here. Holding a camera is one thing, but learning how to use it is quite something entirely. For example, when moving through the city streets and exploring new places, you will need to learn how to position this camera or support it in ways that in no way limits your awareness of your environment, or distracts you from making good decisions.

Unfortunately, it has been known for IRL streamers to get in car accidents, or perhaps even more difficult dangerous situations that they walked into without care and consideration. This means that keeping an amber level of awareness at all times and pushing forward to retain safety at all times should be your main priority, and your relationship to the device you hold is a large part of that.

Data Plans

Of course, walking around and streaming from a device is not without its costs. You will need a high-end unlimited data plan that warrants you streaming from a device like this for a number of hours each day. This means finding either the best roaming wifi connectors for more premium devices or tethering your mobile data if appropriate. Looking for the most premium plans is essential here, as any downtime will lessen your audience and unfortunately make your stream less interesting for those trying to follow it.

The reason to pay the most for an unlimited data plan is so you are not struck with any unnecessary charges for going over. When focusing on your travels and the task at hand, it’s important to ensure that you have all of this squared away, as you could misplace your timing and end up fronting costs you may not have planned for. Be sure to read the small print in all of your contracts that you sign as far as this is concerned, as there may be different terms when traveling abroad etc.

Uptime is the one thing you should be concerned with, perhaps even factoring in its importance before you purchase a device. This will be the bulk of your investment past trying to find good content to show your audience and gathering a recording device, so be sure to make finding this well a complete priority.

Tips For Making It As An International IRL Streamer

Competent Knowledge

Of course, simply turning on a camera is not enough for you to provide content people want to see. The reason they will follow you is that you are in the process of learning from the world around you, or perhaps talking about what you have learned already. For example, it’s one thing for an IRL streamer to head to a new town to explore, and another for them to try and bring something to their audience.

Always think of what your audience wants to see, and how you might bring your own stamp to proceedings. Of course, this must always emanate from a foundational effort to keep your tastes in line with your content, as without this your efforts will often feel quite limiting, dry and dull.

It’s also important to read the small print of any contracts or guidelines with your streaming platform. Twitch and YouTube have long content guideline policies and help you structure your channel with FAQ’s among other essential knowledge for keeping uptime and generating a channel people care about.

Competent knowledge also helps you with the ease in which you can provide content, not only through the devices you use or habits you maintain but how you interface with the world around you. It might be that learning your travel plans ahead of time can help you stay on the correct route and able to multi-task. Learning recording rules ahead of time can help prevent you getting in trouble with those in possession of private property or perhaps governmental departments.

An IRL streamer must not only think of their audience, but themselves in the very first instance, and how they will interface with the world they hope to broadcast. Social grace, the ability to read situations and an attitude of care to their impact on the environment around them can help in no uncertain manners.

Safety & Groups

Of course, when traveling safety is paramount, but streaming is another situation entirely. No matter how aware you are of your environment, trying to provide a platform for your broadcast will always distract you in some way. This means that finding safety with a group is much better than going alone, as they can at least act as one extra pair of eyes. When holding a fancy recording device and talking to seemingly no one, you can draw attention, particularly when abroad.

Exercising standard methods of care to your person and your environment is essential, but not only for your own benefit. This can also help you drive more appropriately (preferably allowing someone to drive you,) help you defuse situations when accidentally recording someone without permission, as well as ensuring you act as a competent citizen staying respectful of the rules no matter where you are.

Tips For Making It As An International IRL Streamer

Unique Content

Unique content is why people will watch you. No matter what you enjoy doing, it can pay to think of what might benefit you and your audience to broadcast. Might it be that you become a travel streamer, perhaps sampling new resorts and properties to bring a live and unbiased guidance channel to those interested in seeing raw footage from certain areas of the world? It might be you back up a hundred palms residences review here, or perhaps espouse the benefits of living abroad there.

This is where you can begin to develop a guiding knowledge base that helps people not only live vicariously through your output, but also begin to find some form of connection to it. This doesn’t mean you should try dangerous acts or anything so silly to try and gain an engagement for your audience. Simply, educational content such as the type we have used as an example here can help you grow naturally, as long as you are diligent, competent and respectful of your audience, and learn to present yourself in the best way possible.

Teething Issues

Teething issues are sure to come when practicing something as intense and new as this. Not very many people do this, so it’s hard to find a real support group except for bonding with people streaming in the same category. It can pay to take a back step, rest when needed, always prize your own health over the stream, and ensure that you make this a hobby or potential career that you consider is important for you, and that gifts you the most excitement possible without sacrificing who you are or present yourself as.

With these simple tips, making it as an international IRL streamer will be that little more possible.

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