Joining An MLM Doesn’t Mean You’re Passionate

The new year is well underway and with the whole “New Year New Me” mantra people often look at a change in career or for ways to make extra money, especially from home. With this comes an influx of people who join under an MLM thinking that it’s a great way to get into an industry they’re “passionate” about when in fact, it’s probably just delaying you more. Let me give you my thoughts.

Joining An MLM Doesn't Mean You're Passionate

Facebook Is Littered With Passionate New Business Owners

I don’t know about you but since January 1st my Facebook has become awash with people starting their “new businesses” claiming that it’s their passion and they’re looking forward to help other people. I see these posts and initially think “well done, good on you” until I look at it more closely and find out these people are doing nothing more than trying to flog an MLM product.


People who have never shown an ounce of interest in a specific industry are now passionate about it. They’re passionate about health and fitness, they’re passionate about making women (and men) look and feel beautiful, they’re passionate about…bath bombs?

Such A Hypocrite, I Know

There was a time I did this, back when I was a Younique rep but luckily I’ve seen the light since then.

One of the first lessons you learn in MLM school is “show everyone how much you love the product/company”. There was me, someone who wore black eye makeup and that was it, suddenly “passionate about make-up and skin care” having NEVER given a rats arse about it before then.

They also encourage you to do a “Why” post or video, why you’re selling their crap and most people will say it’s because they’re passionate about [insert industry] when in fact, all they’re interested in is hopefully making a sale out of you, or turning you into a recruit.

Yesterday I saw a friend “starting up my online wellness business” which immediately rang alarm bells, when I looked at her profile she’s now posting images from The Healthstyle Emporium which is a cover for selling Juice Plus (oh, my favourite product).

Joining An MLM Doesn't Mean You're Passionate

No, You’re Not Passionate!

Ok, so if you’re passionate about something then you do everything you can to do it the right way, you don’t take shortcuts and you do it to the best of your ability.

If you’re passionate about health then you become a nurse or a doctor – spending years studying at university.

If you’re passionate about nutrition then you study nutrition, you read reports, you educate yourself.

If you’re passionate about fitness then you get fit and teach others how after learning everything you need to know.

You DON’T pay a company for the privilege of earning a small commission flogging their sub-par products. If you were passionate about your customer’s health then you’d do your research and realise that these products aren’t good for them.

You’d spend the time, and the money, actually becoming a professional in the industry that you’re passionate about.

How To Earn From Your Passions

For anything to do with health, fitness or nutrition then you really want to get as educated as you can. Giving people this kind of advice can be the difference between life and death. For other industry’s it might not be necessary to earn a qualification, you can pass your experience and tips on to others in the form of a blog, vlog or Facebook group. Here are some ideas:


So, you’re interested in beauty, skincare and makeup? If yes then don’t jump into a company like Younique. In most cases their makeup isn’t any better than what you can get for half the price – trust me, I’ve used it. You end up spending loads so you can have it all to hand but then get a fraction back IF you make a sale – plus you have targets to meet. Just so you know, I didn’t sell a single product via my website or to someone I didn’t know!

If you want to go down the beauty route then you can train to become an MUA or there is the more fun side that is special effects makeup, one of my favourite YouTubers does this.

If you just like playing with makeup on yourself then look at setting up a blog or a YouTube channel. You can spend the money you would have wasted on stocking up with the MLM makeup on different store-bought products that most people can afford and would be willing to buy. Then, show them how you use it and show them how they can copy your look.

Alternatively, you can review the items. Telling your readers/watchers what you think of the product.

Then, to earn you can add affiliate links so if they decide to buy because of your review/tutorial you’ll get some commission.

Or, learn how to make your own.

Joining An MLM Doesn't Mean You're Passionate

Nutrition & Wellness

If you’re truly passionate about helping other people with their health then you NEED to educate yourself properly about nutrition and health. Signing up to a supplement company and then spouting off whatever your upline does isn’t helping your potential customers.

I’ve seen people with diabetes ask if Juice Plus shakes are ok for them and being told yes, these shakes have around 27g of sugar per shake when prepared, the second ingredient in them is SUGAR! That’s only 1.5 teaspoons less than a can of coke.

By all means, if you are passionate about helping people with their health then become a dietician, become a nutritionist or become a health coach. Do the qualifications and then set up your own business giving your customers the advice they need coming from you and what you’ve studied. Not advice coming from people who just want to make money.


With people being more health conscious than ever, now is a great time to get into the fitness industry – if that’s what you’re interested in.

Become a personal trainer, learn the science behind food and exercise and instruct fitness classes. There are loads of ways to earn from the fitness industry without relying on peddling poor quality protein powders, just look at Joe Wicks or Richie Howey.

Bath Bombs

Yeah, so if bath bombs are your passion then just make them – it’s easy enough. Just make sure you go through the proper channels with regards to registering the company.

Pursue Your Passions

I’m not telling you to not go for your dreams, I’m just suggesting that you do it properly. Build up YOUR own business and don’t piggyback off a company who doesn’t care about you or your customers. If they’re getting their signup fees then they’re happy.

Most people I’ve met (or read about) who have started with these kinds of companies have soon dropped them and gone after a proper career path, such as Jade (aka Scarlett) from the Elle Beau Younique story. Obviously, this can come at a great cost because of the investment of time and money that could have been spent on your own business.

If you are genuinely interested or passionate in a certain industry then don’t take the shortcut. Most of the time it won’t bring you anything but lost friends, lost money and lost time. Do it properly.

Just because you've joined an MLM doesn't mean you're passionate about the industry it's in. If you were really passionate then you'd walk down a proper career path and make you're own business.

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  1. Well said! These companies drive me mad as friends and family set them up and you are guilt tripped into buying stuff you don’t need or want!

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