Money Saving Travel Tips That Totally Rock

You work all year until, at last, those precious two weeks in the summer come along, and you finally get to go on holiday, leaving all your cares behind. But there’s a problem: the cost. Although you’d love to splash out, that could leave you bankrupt by the time you get back. So how can you save on your next holiday so that you have enough money left over to spend on all the most important things?

Money-Saving Travel Tips That Totally Rock

Travel Off Peak

Airline ticket can differ by a factor of five, even on the same day. And so one of the best ways to save money is to find the cheapest time to travel.

Does it matter if the cheapest time to travel is the middle of the night? Usually, the answer is “no,” especially if you’re going to be travelling through multiple time zones anyway.

Choose to travel during the week rather than the weekend. And find apps that keep you up to date of the latest and cheapest prices on the App Store.

Don’t Go Direct

People are willing to pay more for direct flights because they minimise travel time. But if you’re not so worried about how long you spend travelling, then why not travel “indirect?” It turns out that flying indirect is often a lot cheaper because it’s a lot more convenient for airlines. Rather than charter an expensive, one-off flight for people wanting to travel between points A and B, it’s often much cheaper to put passengers on a flight from A to C and then from C to B (or more competitive). And that pushes the price down for you, the customer.

Scour The Internet For Package Holiday Deals

Tour operators want to charge as much money as possible for their package holidays. But if they don’t fill all the places on their trips, they start to get desperate. Not filling all slots costs them a lot of money in fuel and in wasted hotel rental space. As a result, they often offer knock off vouchers on sites like Voucher Codes Pro to entice customers. Using these vouchers can often net you savings of more than £100.

Money-Saving Travel Tips That Totally Rock

Bring Solid Snacks

Airline food is expensive, and by most people’s reckoning, pretty gross. But the good news is that you can bring your own food on board, so long as it’s not in liquid form. Sorry hummus.

Do A Home Swap

Think you have to splash out on an expensive hotel if you’re going abroad? Think again. Thanks to house share sites, you can book out somebody’s home for a fraction of the price it would cost to stay in a regular hotel. Often, it’s cheaper to stay in someone else’s home than a youth hostel, and you get a lot more for your money.

Always Go To Local Restaurants

The price difference between tourist restaurants and local restaurants can often be enormous. That’s why it’s a good idea to find places popular with the locals, even if it requires travelling away from the main hotel resort. In places like Vietnam, you can get a bowl of noodles for as little as £1.

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