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It’s one of the more exciting times in someone’s life. Moving home. It might be that you’re moving to your first home, or that you’re upgrading. It might be you’re downsizing. Whatever the reason, there are always going to be pitfalls and issues which can crop up. These vary depending on where you’re moving and the individual circumstances of your move but at the same time, there are many generic issues people run into when trying to buy a home.

They could be money-oriented, but they could also be problems with other areas of the move. You may have already considered some of these, which is great! But even so, they can help you twist your perspective to one which is more aware of any home moving issues.

Be 100% On Your Financial Situation

You don’t want to be declined for any loans because your situation isn’t on point. This means you need to check your credit score and sort out anything on there that you weren’t expecting. Missed payments, anything which gives you a bad mark. Make that a priority. Then you need to ensure that you can afford what you’re applying for. If you can’t afford it, you’re going to get declined, which won’t look good for future applications.

You can work this out by using a house loan calculator to see how much it would cost, and then working out what kinds of interest rates would apply to you depending on your income etc. Saving for a long time can be pretty hard but don’t pull the trigger too quickly without being sure or it’ll lead to disappointment. Always do your research in the first instance so that you can be sure about what you can get and how you can get it.

Know What You Want

It’s important to know exactly what you want the house for. It sounds a little stupid because at the base of things people all want a house for the same thing. But in reality, this can differ quite a bit. If you know you’re going to work from home then you need to ensure the new house has space for it. If you know you’re going to have kids over the next few years then there’s no point in buying a one-bedroom apartment.

Really think about what you want first because not doing so can lead to an expensive mistake and potentially you needing to move again in the near future. It can be hard thinking too far ahead sometimes because no one really knows what’s on the horizon, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Get Proper Surveys Done

It’s vital that you do this otherwise you could end up with hefty maintenance bills on differing items. Be sure you get the right survey done. For a start, a general survey will be needed. These usually come in a few different levels, each costing a bit more. It can be hard to choose the right one and a lot of buyers go right down the middle. If you want an older house it might be worth checking and getting a more in-depth survey to pick up on any of those deeper issues.

You should also get the central heating and boiler surveyed. Doing so before the move gives you more leverage to get the house price lowered. If you find this afterwards, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. You’ll have to get the boiler serviced at some point anyway, so if you think of it like that you won’t be out of pocket. 

Check Local Building Works

If the house is perfect and you’re not thinking of moving in later years this may not apply. However, checking is always worthwhile if you’re worried about the value of your home. Sometimes, there may be projects in the local area which might adversely affect the value of your home, due for completion after you’ve moved in. These can be buildings which pollute the local area, such as factories or incinerators, or buildings which just don’t look very nice. It could be cutting down trees or forests and making them into more housing estates. Remember it could go the other way too.

The building of parks, healthcare facilities, or schools will positively, in most cases, affect the value which means you’ll know your home will go up rather than down. The point being, it’s always better to check with local councils and planning authorities. Especially if you’re moving near new build areas or areas green marked for future building works.

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