Moving House: The Things I’ve Learnt

Over the years I’ve moved house A LOT. Eban has lived in six different homes since he was born eight years ago and I think he was just as relieved when we bought this house as we were. In that time I’ve learnt a lot from moving house and have become a dab hand at it; if I do say so myself.

Moving House: The Things I've Learnt

Moving House: The Things I’ve Learnt

I don’t enjoy moving house. I don’t like having to pack my life up in to boxes only to unbox it all again a few weeks later and I certainly don’t enjoy the cleaning involved before you hand your keys over.

Over the last 12 years I’ve moved nine times and have experienced a range of different moving regimes, styles and problems. Everything from five separate trips in a car or paying a friend in full English breakfasts to borrow his van (and him) to using experienced and insured removal companies.

Here is a bit of advice about moving home, from someone who has done it a lot.

Good Boxes Don’t Have To Cost The Earth

Almost every time Aaron and I have moved since we first got together we’ve used the same place for our boxes to pack the house up. The boxes we’ve got have been sturdy, easy to stack and most importantly…FREE! The boxes I speak about are the McDonald’s fry boxes.

It does help that we both worked for them for many years so we know at least one person in most of the local stores but even without that advantage, anyone can grab some of their boxes. Simply give your local store a call and ask them to set you some aside, in most cases they’ll be happy to.

Just don’t ring during peak hours such as lunch or dinner time, and especially not during those times on a weekend.

Failing that, there is a great range of strong moving boxes on Amazon for as little as £1 a box.

Moving House: The Things I've Learnt

Good Help Makes For A Stress Free Move

Trying to move an entire house by yourself isn’t a good idea, especially if you only have a car for transportation. Even if you hire a van you could spend your moving day tearing your hair out and potentially destroying your possessions. I’ve tried this and I don’t recommend it.

Finding a reliable moving company such as Shiply really does take the stress away, or at least most of it. Moving companies do it on a daily basis so they know exactly how and where to put your household items that ensures they don’t get damaged as well as the move taking less trips.

On top of that they’re insured for damages, so if something happens to your TV while in transit they’ll be able to replace it for you. Always check their insurance terms before you book a slot.

Use Your Time Wisely & Clear Out

Don’t leave packing up the house until the last minute. Do it in smaller sections over a longer period of time and use it as a way to also declutter. Go through each room and ask yourself if you really want to pack a particular item AND then unpack it at the other side.

Clearing the crap out is also a huge relief at the other side as you have less things to unpack. I normally use eBay or Facebook groups to get rid of items with some value then take the rest, such as clothes and children’s books, to the local charity shop.

Don’t Let It Grind You Down

Most importantly, give yourself chance to have a break or two; grab a cuppa and some food at regular intervals. Don’t do it alone, rope in a friend or family member to give you a hand. A helping hand will half the time it takes and give you someone to chat to, stopping you from climbing the walls in boredom and frustration.

What’s your number one moving tip?

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Moving House: The Things I've Learnt

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