My Autumn Wardrobe With JD Williams

I’d would say that the summer is coming to an end but we haven’t really had much of one this year. That said, autumn is well and truly on it’s way. We’ve already pulled out the “big quilt” and had our first meal of stew and dumplings. So, with that in mind it’s time to dust off and replace my autumn wardrobe.

My autumn wardrobe with jd williams

Autumn Is My Favourite

I love everything about the autumn. The cooler weather, the colours, the food and the fact I can snuggle up under a blanket with a hot drink and my guys. I also love the clothes as I’m not really a summery clothes wearer – dresses, shorts and flip flops aren’t my thing.

When the guys at JD Williams got in touch to ask if I’d like to give a few items from their autumn range a go I jumped at the chance and picked my three must have items for my autumn wardrobe.

It’s All About Them Boots

Nothing screams autumn more than a pair of boots, preferably knee high. My only problem is that my feet are weird. Wide and big, anything from a size eight to a ten and most often from the men’s section. Shoe shopping isn’t always my favourite past time, even though I love shoes.

When I was picking my new boots I was gobsmacked at what was available on the JD Williams site. Not only did they take in to account the size of my foot but also the width AND the calf size. I was able to actually pick a pair of boots that fit my feet perfectly and my leg. What I loved most is that my calf size came under “standard” so if you’re a bigger lady you can opt for “Curvy” and “Super Curvy” calf sizes. You can even order a foot measuring guide for free so you get the right fit.

The boots I ordered are gorgeous and so comfortable with just enough space to slip my jeans in underneath – I love the boots over jeans look.

It’s All About Layering

With how unpredictable the weather is, it can be difficult to know what to wear so layering really helps. During the autumn I’ll normally have a vest or strap top on with a light jumper over the top, this means if I get too warm I can remove the jumper and re-apply it if I then get too cold.

I picked this gorgeous purple jumper because I love the colour purple and I’m fond of the v-neck style, the laces make it look funky. It’s really light but warm, it goes really easily in my backpack so I can just throw it on and off when I want to.

It’s All About The Denim Jacket

As soon as I saw this jacket I stopped looking at everything else. For me a light jacket is a must on the run up to the winter, something that can be added to the previously mentioned layers to give a little extra warmth.

I ordered this jacket in a smaller than normal size because I’m losing weight but due to it’s slightly elasticated style it fits me nicely now; it will continue to fit for a while too with jumpers underneath.

I love it, it’s so me as it fits in with my rock chic style without looking too young for me. I’m certainly looking forward to teaming it with a woollen scarf and gloves while enjoying a bonfire or two in the coming months.

Buying In The Essentials

I’m not one to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each season so I shop smart. Using vest tops from the summer to team with the a couple of new jumpers that can also be used in the spring on the chilly mornings. A light jacket that will fit over thicker jumpers in the winter or over strap tops in the spring.

I think I’ll grab myself another light jumper then I’m done until I need to buy new, smaller sizes. What is your top wardrobe tip for the cooler months of the year?

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