Our First Real Xmas Tree: Pines And Needles

When I say our first real Christmas tree, what I mean is it’s Aaron and Eban’s first real tree. I always had a real tree when growing up but since Aaron and I got together we’ve always just pulled out the fake one from the loft. Well, this year and thanks to the guys at Pines and Needles, we’ve been able to have a real one.

Our First Real Xmas Tree: Pines And Needles

Previous Trees

As I mentioned, each year (for the last 11 years) Aaron and I have just pulled out the fake tree ready for Christmas. We had a beautiful one for around nine years that cost us £35 from Argos (heavily discounted). It took a fair beating after a few house moves which resulted in us giving it away and replacing it with one of those modern, slimline black trees – we both hated it!

This year we vowed to have a good tree, which we’d originally planned to be another artificial one. We were then offered a 6ft Nordmann Fir from Pines and Needles which excited me more than it should – I love real trees!

Our Pines And Needles Real Tree

The beauty of this company is that you don’t have to go out in the cold, fight your way through hordes of festive tree shoppers and then drag your tree back home with you. You simply head to the website, order the size you want, for the day and time you want then sit back with a cuppa and your soaps.

It comes all packaged up and ready for you to put in your living room (or wherever else you plan on putting it). We were also sent their tree stand which was easy enough to assemble and made putting the tree up a doddle, no packing it with soil in a bucket like we did when I was a kid.

After sawing off a bit of the trunk (as per instructions), we added water into the stand as this helps keep the tree fresher for longer and gave it time to settle so its branches could drop and we could cover it in decorations.

Our First Real Xmas Tree: Pines And Needles

The Only Downside

The only downside to ordering a tree online is that you don’t actually get to choose the tree you want, however, if you do get a tree and aren’t 100% happy with it then they’ll try their best to get a new one sent out to you (obviously depends on how close to Christmas your delivery is).

If I’m honest, the tree we received wasn’t all I’d hoped for. I personally wouldn’t have chosen it as I’d have liked one with more branches BUT that is just me. Everyone else has commented on how wonderful it looks and I’m much happier with it after going out to grab some more decorations.

Pines And Needles – As A Company

Now, I’m pretty environmentally conscience. I recycle everything I can, I compost vegetable scraps (after turning them into stock) and I went vegan, partially due to the effects that the meat and dairy industry have on the planet. So, before accepting the tree I did a little research on them, because just chopping down trees isn’t all that good for the environment – especially when you then transport them across the world for people to buy.

I’m happy to say I was reassured. Pines And Needles firstly replace every tree they chop down with a new one the following spring. Throughout the year they have a carbon positive footprint and even during their busy season (Christmas) they manage to remain carbon neutral.

Most of the trees are British grown, meaning there is no cost or unnecessary fuel used to get them into the country.

They mainly use diesel fuel and have several LPG vans, but are endeavouring to replace their delivery vans with electronic vehicles.

They are constantly working on switching the growing of their trees to organic as they’re aware of how much damage pesticides do to the planet.

You can arrange them to come a collect your tree then recycle it into woodchip, this is an additional cost. They’ll even take the decorations off.

A Real Christmas

I must say, I do love having a real Christmas tree in the house as the living room smells of pine. I’ve also made a few decorations with orange slices, cinnamon sticks and star anise so it smells properly festive in my house at the moment. Eban loves his real and can’t wait to get all the presents under.

Pines and Needles are also running a competition at the moment to name your tree so I officially announce that Firgus McPineNeedles is ready for Christmas.

Tweet a photograph of your tree with #(your tree’s name) and #BruceTheSpruce to to be in with a chance of winning a tree from them for FREE next year.

If you haven’t already grabbed your tree then pop over to their website and use the code TREE17 for a 10% discount.

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  1. I love real trees, we always had one when I was growng up but Ii have never had one. When my dog eventually calms down whenever that might be, I might try out this company.

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