No More Dead Plants: Plantpal Watering Globes

I love houseplants, I think they make any room look pretty and feel fresh. I have a wonderful green, leafy one in the living room that we all love but I have a slight problem – I’m a bugger for forgetting to water them. Luckily, I’ve been sent the answer…Plantpal Watering Globes!

Plantpal Watering Globe

My Plants

I’ve had a few houseplants over the years but they normally die not long after getting them. I’m actually surprised at how well our current one is doing.

The biggest issue is that I just forget to water them for weeks at a time and before I know it, they’re heading to the compost heap in the sky (or in the back garden). I then go out and buy another.

I’ve tried different tactics such as calendar reminders, phone reminders, pouring leftover water into their pots but I just can’t remember to do them. I’m a completely rubbish gardener.

Plantpal Watering Globes

I was offered a set of these to review and another set to giveaway. I have to admit that they are amazing! Well, for a plant-based device.

You simply fill up the globe with water, and feed if you use it, twist the spike on and stick it in your plant pot. They have a wick which slowly releases the liquid into the soil keeping the plant constantly topped up. Depending on the size of the plant and plant pot, this globe can keep your plant hydrated for up to two weeks.

Even better is that you can see when it’s empty so you can just top it back up again.

No need to ask a family member to pop round to water your plants while you’re on holiday anymore either.

The globes come in packs of three, four or six and in three colours, orange, blue and green. You can use them for plants and herbs, you just need to make sure they’re in a large enough pot.

A pack of three is currently £20 with Amazon Prime with the packs of four and six working out even cheaper. I think they’re a fantastic idea and will now save me a fortune in new houseplants.

Plantpal Watering Globe

Win 3 Large Plantpal Watering Globes

As I said above, I was sent these to review and to offer as a giveaway to you awesome lot. So if you want the chance to win a set for yourself just follow the instructions below. The giveaway closes on the 20th of December and the guys running the competition will email the winner with their own code to purchase them from Amazon.

Please note I have no control over who is picked or the correspondence once the giveaway has ended, I’m purely hosting the giveaway. Good luck!

Win 3 Large Plantpal Watering Globes #8

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