Meet Ellie, The PNP Do-Good Elf

I’ve been a huge fan of PNP or Portable North Pole since they first launched in 2008 when I sent my younger brother (who was eight) his very own message from Santa. Since then I’ve used it for my own son as well as creating “naughty list” videos for friends and older family members. The service has come on a long way since then and they now offer toys, as well as their video packages, one of which is the Do-Good Elf.

PNP Do-Good Elf

Early Portable North Pole

As I mentioned, I’ve been using PNP since they first launched back in 2008. You’d create a free video which had a few tick boxes and a very small list of names that Santa could actually say. Luckily my little brother’s name, Thomas, was on there so he got to hear Santa say his name. They were magical and never done before, I remember them being shared all over social media.

When Eban came along a year later I made sure he had one done, even though he couldn’t understand what was in front of him, it was special.

As the year’s passed, the service became more intelligent. It went from saying “Eban” in text only to Santa being able to actually pronounce his name properly (Eb-an for those wondering).

Portable North Pole Do-Good Elf

There were the options to add naughty or nice status, what the child had achieved during the year such as being good at school and what they’d like for Christmas. I can still see Eban’s face the first time he realised exactly what he was watching, it lit up with so much joy and I’ll never forget it.

Do-Good Elf

Being such a huge fan of their service, I couldn’t say no when they wanted to work with me for this year’s campaign. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d be getting as part of this collaboration until the little guy appeared on my doorstep. This is the Do-Good Elf.

PNP Do-Good Elf

She is an adorable baby elf, sent to your child so they can teach them the difference between being naughty and being nice. This will help them grow up to become a valuable member of Santa’s team of elves.

She comes with a passport so your child can record the adventures they have had together such as a visit to Santa’s workshop or other festive fun activities. She also has a selection of stickers so your child can choose what kind of an elf she’s going to be when she returns to Santas’s village.

Of course, it isn’t a PNP gift without the legendary video from Santa, so the Do-Good Elf also includes four personalised videos from Santa – the code is hidden away in a special card so make sure you remove this before your child sees it.

do-good elf videos

These four videos are exclusive to the Do-Good Elf and you need to get a bit interactive with them as they require photos of your child playing with them. There are also a selection of free and premium videos which you can choose to buy individually or buy them all with the Magic Pass (discount code further down).

There are two different Do-Good Elves to choose from, a boy and a girl elf. The only real difference is that the girl is in a red dress with eyelashes whereas the boy is in green dungarees – I couldn’t really tell until looking at them online. Both elves, as well as other toys to accompany them, are available from John Lewis for £20.

PNP Do-Good Elf

They are poseable, to an extent. Their arms and legs and be repositioned and their head can be tilted, though it is a heavy head so can topple over if you don’t balance it right. The body can be manipulated too and every part of her (except the head) is covered in soft padding so she can be cuddled.

More Than Just Elves

If you head to the PNP website you will see a magical selection of different toys and gifts, including THE cutest reindeer I have ever seen – Häni. You can grab elf doors, hats, slippers and activity sets including a Santa Letter Kit; everything you need to keep the magic of Christmas alive for a little longer.

Eban is eight and I don’t think he has many more Santa filled Christmases left until he’s a non-believer. We have an Elf on the Shelf again for this year but what I love about the Do-Good Elf, besides the fact she’s well made and adorable, is that she’s encouraging the child to think about what is considered naughty and what is nice. They’re in charge of raising this baby elf.

Eban’s Reaction

Eban loves soft toys, more than real toys, and last year he was obsessed with his Elf on the Shelf called Elwyn. I had a feeling he was going to love her even more, so I decided to get his reaction to the new elf and his personalised Santa video on camera for you all to see.

Now, A Discount For You

I’ve been very lucky to also bag a discount code for you guys to use on a Magic Pass. Simply click through to their website, create an account and use the code “PNP7BLG20” at checkout to get 20% off.

Let me know what your little ones decide to call their elf and what they think.

We have a new visitor staying with us until Christmas. Ellie the Elf is a Do-Good Elf from the North Pole visiting us through the power of the Portable North Pole.

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  1. Oh I think these films are so clever and Eban looks delighted to get his personalised message! I am going to have to do this too 🙂

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