Scam Awareness: Who’s Most Vulnerable?

When you’re trying to make extra money, you’re vulnerable. It’s not something that many of us want to acknowledge; we want to see ourselves as strong, as capable, but there’s no denying that vulnerability. The tighter your budget is, the bigger the chance that someone could take advantage of you.

Scam Awareness: Who's Most Vulnerable?

People In Severe Debt

Some debt is inevitable; figures show that the average household debt, excluding mortgages, is around £8,000. If you can service your debt, i.e. make payments on time and don’t exceed your credit limit, then looking for extra income can be beneficial.

However, if your debt is severe and you’re struggling to make repayments, you may be verging into desperate territory. That means you’re more likely to be tempted by disturbing MLM scams or doing work for “freelance” services that will never pay. If you’re in severe debt, any endeavour you embark on should be scrutinised and thoroughly researched.

Elderly People

This area is particularly important if you have elderly parents or relatives. Elderly people are less likely to be able to notice signs of a scam and, being on a fixed income, are more likely to be tempted to increase their budget with online money making. These two needs combine into a potent mix.

A huge number of elderly people fall victim to scams every year. You should be extremely suspicious if an older person in your life begins a new business venture. Keep an eye on them; ensure they know what they’re doing; if applicable, speak to the people they live with or their in home care team to make sure someone is aware of their activities even if you can’t monitor them yourselves.

Expectant Parents

The last vulnerable group is expectant parents; this may apply to you, or someone you know. It’s natural for expectant parents to want to provide for their children; to want to increase their income to give their new baby the best life possible. Sadly, this is a desire that is leveraged by scam companies and MLM schemes. While it’s good to want to do the best for your child, it’s important to be cautious with the steps you take in an effort to provide.

In Conclusion

If you, or someone you know, falls into one of the above categories, then all efforts to make money online should be undertaken with extreme caution. If in doubt, run away from your money-making efforts at the first chance. There’s nothing wrong with backing away and accepting that you, or they, made a mistake. Just get out of the situation and seek a money-making future that is actually beneficial.

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