Sod The New Year’s Resolutions!

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You know what people of the internets? I’m done with making a set of New Years Resolutions each and every year. I’ve done them every year for as long as I can remember and embarrassingly published them on this blog every year since I started it…followed by an “I failed” style post 12 months later! Not this year, this year I’m saying SOD IT!

Sod The New Years Resolutions cleaning (1)

Previous Resolutions

So in the past, I’ve vowed to lose weight, get fit, blog more, vlog more, be more active on social media and other such things. Unfortunately, I suck at sticking to them or at least I suck at sticking to specific targets and hitting set goals. This year I’ve decided to change it up. I don’t want to hit targets because I end up just fobbing them off completely, leaving me either where I started or worse.

Instead, this year I’m going to do better. Just that. I’m not setting targets, I’m not attempting milestones and I’m not going to end 2019 feeling crap because…well, I failed!

I’m Just Going To Do Better

As I said, no targets or goals. I have a list of things I want to do better at. My thinking is that if I do even slightly better then I’ve not failed, which means I don’t feel completely crap come the end of the year…obviously, if I don’t do better then meh…I feel crap at the end of the year.

So, here are the things I’m just going to be better at:

My Health

Being a student of Nutrition you’d expect my health to be in tip-top shape but we all know that isn’t true. Anxiety, depression and complete and utter boredom have been causing me to comfort eat. I’ve ignored all the food that I KNOW I should be eating and completely fallen out of love with cooking. Poor time management on my part has led me to skip meals and binge on an evening. I’ve gained weight and boy am I feeling it!

At the start of the uni year, I went to the gym, ok it was only a couple of times but I still went and now I’m using every excuse under the sun not to go. I feel great when I’ve been but sheer laziness kicks in before I’ve even had the chance to walk down the hill to the gym.

So, to do better I’ve asked a fellow uni friend to keep me accountable. She hits the gym, is half trained as a personal trainer (what she was doing before uni) and has made serious changes to her health over the last year. She’s promised to kick my arse in the new year. This, along with me trying to do better with my eating will hopefully see my health begin to improve.

I’m setting no targets other than eating more veg, drinking less alcohol and train my brain to reevaluate what I consider “a treat”…I mean, is a treat really something you give your body to make it suffer?

Sod The New Years Resolutions cleaning

The Home

Cleaning isn’t my favourite, in fact, I’d rather do almost anything other than cleaning. I’ve thought about hiring a cleaner but then talk myself out of it, promising myself I’ll do better. I never do.

I was recently pointed in the direction of The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) by KatyKicker which aims at reducing and focusing your daily cleaning into a 45-minute slot (15 minutes and 30 minutes). For a full-time student with a family and work commitments, this looks ideal so I’ll be giving this a try and doing my best. To keep me on track I’ve managed to set up each daily task and the 8-weekly rotating tasks on Todoist which is an app for making to-do lists (the basic plan is free, there is a premium upgrade available).

Each day’s task recur weekly, the daily tasks recur daily and the Friday Focus tasks recur every eight weeks. All I have to do is tick them off as I do them.

todoist list TOOM


One HUGE mistake I’ve made with university is treating the times I’m not in lectures and seminars as “free time”. So I’ve been going/staying at home, getting to uni 10 minutes before my lectures etc. During these “breaks” I should have been using the time to get reading done, work on assignments, re-read lecture notes and get ahead of myself. Heck, I could have been using the time to work on my blog, getting more content to you guys.

So, in the new year, I’m going to do my best to treat each day as a 9-5 day, with the exception of the days I’m in until 6pm. Even go in on my “days off” because at the end of the day, the more I get done during the day, the more actual free time I have on an evening and weekend. Being there all day means I can work on uni stuff, blog stuff and hit the gym.

Me Time

I spend a lot of time doing nothing at all. By nothing, I include things such as browsing Facebook and Twitter not really doing anything other than skimming the posts of other people. I’ve recently tried making more time for me by simply coming away from the PC and watching TV – thank you Amazon Prime for getting Angel! Now, this sounds great but it’s also led me to binge eat while I’m slumped on the sofa and very late bedtimes because “just one more episode”.

The new year will see me using my “me time” a little more productively and vary my activities. Streaming for one, I’ve not streamed in so long because all I’ve wanted to do is nothing and I miss it. Reading, not academically but leisurely – I have a world of books I’ve never touched so I want to try and make a small dint in them; unlike the challenge I failed this year.

I’d also like to try my best to give myself a little more pampering this year. Look after my nails, a weekly face mask, defuzzing the fuzzy places and other similar acts. I guess these things can be tied in with reading and relaxing on an evening.

chammyirl blog

The Blog

I know, I’ve been neglecting this place so much over the last year. Most of this is down to procrastination and also a lack of ideas. I could just “sell out” and post about things I don’t care about but people like to Google. I could become a “Mummy Blogger” and share every aspect of being a mum to a 9-year-old but it’s not something I’m personally interested in and I don’t want to come across as fake to you all.

So the new year will also bring a little more regular content, I’m looking at weekly rather than daily or every other day. I’m not going to be unrealistic as I have a lot on and looking at my modules for the next semester of uni, it’s going to be a toughie. Along with the blog posts I know I need to be a little more engaged with social media, I’m not afraid to admit that I heavily rely on my auto-poster, especially on Twitter, so I want to try and use my uni travel time to be more engaged…rather than just scrolling through Facebook.

General Improvements

There are a few things I want to try and include in my daily life that will help with all of this being a better me.

Firstly, lists! I need to spend 10 minutes at the end of each day planning out the next and I’m going to try and post my daily #Kickerlist (thanks Katykicker) to my Instastories as a way to keep me in check.

Take time each day to work on being more mindful, I recently downloaded Headspace to try and include a little more meditation in my life.

Use the apps I have for reminders such as water intake and keeping my day organised.

So that’s it. No specific resolutions for me, just the aim of being a little better at everything. Are you making resolutions? Did you stick to them in 2018 or like me, are you ending 2018 worse off than you did at the start?

Sod The New Year’s Resolutions!

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