Stop Forcing Your Child To Be Vegan!

Or veggie, take your pick! Recently, with the rapid increase in people dropping the meat and dairy, there have been a string of comments saying just this. I personally think people need to get off their high horse and just let parents do the best by THEIR CHILD so, stop with the “stop forcing your child to be vegan” crap.

stop forcing your child to be vegan

Forcing Our Choices Is Being A Parent

Doesn’t matter what it is, as a parent we all force what we think is best on our children. Whether it is diet, religion, music tastes, clothing choices or reading material. Until a child is old enough to tell us otherwise, we do what we think is right for that child.

Personally, I forced Eban to listen to rock/metal music since he was a tiny baby because that is what I enjoy listening to and selfishly I hoped he’d grow up to love the music I listen to…

Luckily, so far so good, with him attending his first rock gig only the other weekend. This is no different to what choices I MAKE for him to eat, from the time he started weaning right up until now it’s me who decides what he eats, at least at home. He has some influence in the fact I know what he likes and what he doesn’t like but still, it’s me buying and making him the food; forcing him to eat what I tell him to.

That said, if he turned to me and told me he didn’t want to eat a certain food anymore then I’d respect that choice – obviously replacing it appropriately.

But Being Vegan Is Dangerous/Insuffiencent/Unhealthy

Yes, it can be! But so is a diet high in processed meat (you know…bacon, ham, salami, sausages etc). A child having a bacon sandwich for breakfast, a ham sandwich for lunch and sausages for dinner is a much more unhealthy and dangerous meal than one that is entirely plant-based. Processed meats cause cancer, vegetables don’t!!

As long as the nutrients that are in meat, dairy and eggs are replaced with a plant form, then being vegan isn’t lacking in anything.

Forcing A Child To Not Eat Meat

Is exactly the same as forcing a child to eat meat. But it isn’t forcing anything! It’s parents making a choice for their child that they feel is best. Telling a vegan parent to not force veganism on their child is then forcing the vegan parent to go against their belief by purchasing and preparing a meal they don’t feel comfortable doing.

Chances are that that vegan parents know what they are doing, know how to prepare a healthy, balanced diet for themselves and therefore for their child. So let them crack on with it. YOU might not approve but at the end of the day it’s none of your business so stop making them feel bad about it and especially stop sharing fear-mongering crap written by people who don’t know what they’re talking about; especially when they have a huge bias!

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