Switching To Bulb, Our Experience (Plus £50 Credit For You)

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I’m not the most frugal of people! I struggle with meal plans, budgeting and actually putting away savings but one thing I’m always on top of is my monthly outgoings. I’m a regular checker of the best tariffs, new deals and cashback available so when new energy company Bulb popped onto my radar I had to check them out. Here are my thoughts about switching to Bulb for our energy.

switching to bulb £50 credit

Now, energy and energy suppliers have become a big focus in our house. We obviously want value for money but we look at other factors such as environmental impact (whether the energy is from renewable sources etc). We won’t just go for the cheapest because we’ve been burned by previous suppliers who were the cheapest – let’s just say one of them thought we’d spent over £1000 in gas over 3 weeks because they preferred to guess our usage rather than use our readings.

So, when looking at switching we consider:

Our Energy Use

We’re pretty energy savvy in the fact we have energy saving light bulbs, low wattage lamps we use instead of the big lamps and we’re rather efficient at making sure lights are only on when they need to be, same with the heating. Being a techy family we HAVE to be on the ball, I mean we could have two Xbox One’s, two TV’s, my PC, my ring light, the washer, the dishwasher and the oven on all at the same time – using a lot of electricity.

Luckily for us our house is a new build (only just 2 years old) so we use very little gas when it comes to keeping it warm, it’s mid-October and we’ve not put the heating on yet, we only ever shower and have a gas hob. This means our gas usage is pretty low to begin with.

The Environment

As well as being (in my opinion) pretty heavy users we’re also trying to be as environmentally as we can so prefer to have an energy supplier who is at least making the effort to go green. Multiple companies have been coming out of the woodwork offering green energy but one quote I was given made them more expensive than any of the Big 6 and 4 times more expensive than Bulb – ouch!


Of course, you all know I’m obsessed with Cashback so I’ll always do a comparison then check for additional savings on my favourite cashback sites, TopCashback and Quidco. I’ll take that off the annual price which will give me an idea of the whole saving – though sometimes cashback doesn’t always pay out, so that’s a risk.

With all this in mind, I decided to do a comparison when Bulb started appearing in my newsfeed and on a number of forums I use.

About Bulb

So what caught my eye first about Bulb was the fact that the electricity is from 100% renewable sources, and although their gas is only 10% renewable, that was better than what our previous supplier was offering. They buy their energy from independent renewable generators from across the UK, and their energy sources vary from solar and wind to hydro or anaerobic digestion. Much better than tearing up our poor planet.

The next thing was that they were offering £50 credit to the account for using a referral link which was already better than the TopCashback offer. So, I popped our details into their quote machine and what was given to me was a huge shock!

switching to bulb £50 credit
Sign up credit added to our account

Their website is a joy to use, so easy and simple to navigate. Plus, they have an app so you can check your account while out and about, or take your meter readings – rather than trying to use a piece of paper and a pen.

My Quote

My quote came in, for gas and electricity, at HALF of what we were already paying! HALF! I couldn’t believe it, plus £50 in credit. I did run the numbers through a couple of times, check my readings etc because I couldn’t see how it was so much cheaper; and I thought what we were paying was cheap.

Obviously, each individual quote will differ and what I’ve saved isn’t necessarily what everyone else will save but it’s definitely worth at least running your details through their generator.

The Switch

Besides issues with our previous supplier, mentioned above, the switch was silky smooth. We got an email a couple of weeks after filling in our details asking us for readings and then it was all done. No problems.

Since the switch, there haven’t been any issues (touch wood). We drop them a meter reading each month and so far it’s all been good.

switching to bulb £50 credit

Your £50 Credit

So, their “refer a friend” scheme. This is seriously awesome. If I refer you, here now by you clicking my links, and you decide to join Bulb then you get £50 credit added straight to your bill. So that could be your first month completely paid for. As a thank you, Bulb also credit me with the same amount. You can then go on to refer your friends and family, them getting £50 and you getting £50. If you refer 12-15 friends that could be your energy bills paid for the ENTIRE YEAR! At the time of writing, there is no referral cap.

What about TopCashback? You know I love the site but they’re only offering £30 for signing up so the refer a friend scheme is much better value.


As I mentioned, they might not be the cheapest supplier but for us they were the right balance. If we got any cheaper then we’d be going into much smaller, less known companies and I’m not sure I’d want to go that cheap. Oh, we also had a rep from another supplier knock on our day not so long ago hoping to switch until I mentioned we were with Bulb, his reply was “Oh yeah, they’re really good and we can’t compete with them”.

If you’re thinking of switching and have any questions then feel free to drop them below and I’ll answer them the best I can. If you do switch using my referral then thank you.

As a last note, don’t forget to regularly check your suppliers, not just for gas and electricity, to get a cheaper deal. You don’t have to stay loyal! Price check, compare and use cashback to always get the best deals for you.

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