The Dangers Of Online Dating & How To Prevent Them

The popularity of online dating has exploded in recent years, and it is now accepted as a very normal way to meet the potential love of your life. Whether you’re 18 or 80, digital communication makes those early interactions far less daunting. It also enables you to know a little about the person before you’ve even met.

The Dangers Of Online Dating & How To Prevent Them

The Dangers Of Online Dating & How To Prevent Them

There’s no doubt that this form of dating brings many benefits. However, it does pose a number of potential dangers too. This shouldn’t put you off of online dating, but it’s imperative that you make yourself aware of those issues. Otherwise, you could open yourself to some very real consequences.

Pay attention to each of the areas below, though, and you should be just fine.

Identity / Honesty   

When looking at people’s dating profiles, it’s important not to be too judgemental. Conversely, though, it’s equally crucial to remember that those potential lovers are creating an image. It might not necessarily be a fair reflection.

The same could be said for meeting someone in a bar, but at least you’ve had a chance to see them in the flesh. Essentially, if you are going to meet someone off the internet for the first time, safety comes first. Let a friend or relative know about your plans, and create a text message or phone call signal that can be used to make them aware of any danger. The likelihood is that you won’t need to worry, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Remember that people will tell you what they think you want to hear. So, without assuming that your date is a liar, try to take things with a pinch of salt. If things go well, you’ll soon know when they can be trusted.


You may enter the online dating scene with intentions of meeting the future love of your life. For many, though, it’s a quick and easy way to cheat on their partner without getting caught. Before falling in too deep, you must be sure that you aren’t inadvertently enabling adultery.

If you are the unknowing victim of this, you’re not going to face legal problems. However, wasting time and effort on someone that doesn’t deserve it will crush your spirits. Moreover, the repercussions will make it very difficult to trust others in future. For the sake of yourself, as well as the person being cheated on, it’s important to know where you stand from the start.

Many people turn to online dating after getting divorced too. If the ex is going to cause problems, you need to know about it ASAP. It shouldn’t stop you pursuing love with someone special. Still, being prepared for the potential issues will help you overcome those hurdles as you face them.

The Dangers Of Online Dating & How To Prevent Them



Generally speaking, the modern generation is far more liberal towards sex than ever before. Physical intimacy is a natural part of any relationship, and most people can at least be tempted to rush into those elements. Whether it happens after one date or one year, you must be aware of the potential repercussions.

Having a baby is the biggest responsibility anybody can ever take on, and should be respected by men as well as women. Even if this turns out to be the relationship that lasts, conception should not be rushed. The morning after pill is free of charge in some locations, so there’s no excuse for taking the risk. In truth, though you should use contraception when doing the deed.

After all, pregnancy isn’t the only thing to fear. Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise too. If things do get physical, make sure that you’ve taken the right precautions.

Moving Too Fast

Pregnancy isn’t the only thing that you should hold off. When you’ve been speaking to someone online, it can feel like you’ve known them for a lifetime before you even meet. By the time you’ve had a couple of dates, the passion can feel more intense than any previous relationship. But you must acknowledge that you still don’t know each other very well.


There’s no one right or wrong answer for when you should meet the family and friends. Still, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by getting carried away with those early attractions. Similarly, moving in together is a very serious step to take. While it is possible to make it work even in those early stages of dating, you should consider the consequences should things turn sour. Again, you don’t know the person well enough to truly know, even if you did talk lots before meeting.

Getting married is the other huge commitment that should not be rushed. Doing it too quickly could potentially leave you open to being manipulated by bad intentions. Even if the intentions are good, you could still find out that you aren’t right for each other. Besides, letting love blossom at a natural speed is a beautiful thing.

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