Things To Think About When Relocating

There are many reasons people relocate – work, family and retirement are the most popular. Moving house down the road can be complicated enough, but when you’re moving across the country, it can get even more so. Have a checklist handy to keep everything organised. Here are some things to keep in mind when relocating.

Things To Think About When Relocating

Know the Area

If you haven’t been to the place before, then find a chance to go. It may be a long journey, like if you’re moving from Cornwall to Edinburgh, but going to see your potential new home is invaluable.

If you can do the journey a couple of times then great, but if you can only do it once and you have to cram in all the house viewings at the same time – then try and take half an hour to scope out the surroundings. Chat with the locals and get the honest opinion of the area.

If you can’t go and see the house or area yourself, then see if a friend or family member can go on your behalf. Make sure they know what you’re looking for and that you trust them to know what you would want from a location.

And whether you can go yourself or not, google it. Find out what is that and what isn’t.

Do the Math

Not just with finances – although that is important too, but with distances. Work out the distance it will take for you to travel for work, or for shopping and for travelling to see friends and family. And then work out if you can afford those distances.

Things like visiting won’t be as common an expensive as commuting, so think about whether the fuel cost is right, and whether you are willing to commute that far every day. Look at public transport options – it may work out that it’s cheaper and quicker to catch the train than to drive.


Obviously, you need to think about your finances when moving house, regardless of the distance. Save like crazy right up to moving day and be prepared to spend. Try and be prepared for those ‘surprise’ payments like agency fees and stamp duty.

Also, consider the idea of a removal team – they may cost more money up-front, but will it save you in stress?

When looking into van rental – remember that you have to pay for the fuel on top of the initial rental cost.

Contact the Necessaries

Necessaries include work and bills. Update your address through work and the bank to make sure that nothing goes wrong with your paycheck, and to ensure any work and bank related post is redirected immediately.

Contact the council ASAP so that your tax bill can be sent through to you straight away. Some county councils won’t automatically send the bill through and will wait to give you a ‘lump-sum’ bill. If you want to pay monthly or want to know the final balance early – then give them a call.

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