Tips for Better Travelling

One of the most common phrases when it comes to travelling is that “it broadens the mind” and it’s really hard to deny that from a human point of view. Travelling places gives you the extra experience of seeing new things and meeting new people. There’s a lot to be said for that and it’s the sole reason a lot of people go travelling.

Tips for Better Travelling

Tips for Better Travelling

They want to develop themselves and take on a new perspective. But travelling isn’t easy and it can provide some really tough moments, regardless of your experience. You need to find ways of reducing this stress and how doing so can improve and affect your trip.

How Travel Can Be Stressful

Travelling can sometimes be stressful because it provides loads of different puzzles for you to solve, only you don’t view them as puzzles at the time. We view them as problems. We also usually don’t prepare ourselves with enough time to spare to gain confidence in our preparation.

If you pack luggage only a day or two before a trip, we’re likely to cause panic to ensure we have everything we need. In a study done in the U.K, nearly a quarter of people believe going to the airport is more stressful than moving house, something that shows clearly how important it is to treat going away as an operation, giving yourself time to avoid stress.

What Can You Do to Make Travelling Less Stressful?

It all depends on how you’re travelling. If you have a set itinerary, then make sure you’re familiar with it. If not, and you’re hopping from country to country and don’t know where you’re staying between cities (we’ve done that), then it’s advisable to have some options available.

In regard to safety, it’s wise to have a few accommodation options available to you even if you’re not ready to decide. That way you’re at least able to refer back to these if you become a little worried. This type of backup plan can prove helpful and calming.

You should also start off with a little bit of currency from each destination you’re travelling to. You don’t know the availability of cash between countries, so to be safe have enough on your person to alleviate any potential travel costs that occur once you arrive there. This feeling alone with calm you in your subconscious.

Tips for Better Travelling

Things You Often Forget About Backpack Travelling

Although backpacking can be extremely liberating, giving you chance to get away from your roots and gain a new perspective, if you’re keeping things cheap and cheerful (as travellers usually are), then you’re still going to be around other people, even if it’s just whilst sleeping. Hostels are the backpacker’s accommodation of choice, but that usually means rooming with someone else. Someone else and their sleeping habits.

People will often be snorers and you’ll also find the odd person who always leaves their curtains open so the sunlight creeps into your room. For these reasons, but sure to pack earplugs and make sure you use a sleep mask. You won’t regret the little bit of extra sleep you get by using these two items.

If you are in desperate need of solitude when you are sleeping you could pack a hammock along with you, although this can take up some room in your backpack. Check out these packable hammocks from The Sleep Judge if you are planning on doing some rural travelling.

Backpack travelling means you can’t lean on the support of close friends or relatives as easily, so be sure to take great care of the items close to you. Keep your passport on you and you cash in a safe place.

It’s also worth remembering that backpacking is popular, so your number 1 choice of hostel might not be available. With this in mind, revert back to the planning pack I suggested earlier. Unavailable accommodation doesn’t need to be a huge panic if you plan for it.

Time Zones and Sleeping Patterns

If you’re travelling worldwide, be sure to remember you’re going to be going into – and possibly through – different time zones regularly, so it’s best to be completely prepared. Jet lag is a harsh mistress and if you’re only in one place for a short amount of time, you’ll want to minimise the effects of it. Even travelling from A-B across America can cause disruptions in sleep because it’s such a large landmass.

As stated here, you need to make sure you avoid any kind of stimulant 3 hours before sleep. This means no coffee or alcohol, which may mean you need to drink water on the plane. It’s also worth putting your watch timer to destination time as you board the plane, this was your mind and body gets used to the time that you’ll be heading to.

There’s no way to prevent jet lag, but making sure you spend as much time outdoors once you arrive at your destination as possible. This will give your body clock and mind some experience of what time it is at your new destination and will start to adjust as much as it can.

Health When Travelling

When travelling for a long period of time, it’s important to know what to eat and how you can keep a healthy, sustained diet. You will use a lot of energy moving around, and you’ll often be eating on the go.

Even though fast food companies will advertise how their food has become much healthier, the facts show that there hasn’t been any change between 1993 and today, meaning any fast food you pick up will be doing you some harm. Be sure to buy fresh and try and eat a lot of fruit and water.

Depending on where you’re travelling, you may not have access to clean drinking water. You may also feel you don’t have the time to drink if you’re always on the move. This is a mistake, as you can often make yourself ill by not drinking water, and as you’re always on the move, this could continue to get worse the longer you travel.

Fulfill That Wanderlust

As long as you take note of these tips, you’re likely to be able to have a stable time travelling. Travelling should be one of the best experiences of your life, so to make it more memorable, try and stay fit, healthy and stress-free for longer.

Written by Frank from The Sleep Judge

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