The UK Vegan Bloggers And Veganuary

You might have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet on here of late. Besides updating the TopCashback Giveaway posts I’ve been a little busy starting a new community, The UK Vegan Bloggers.

uk vegan bloggers veganuary

The UK Vegan Bloggers

What I’m hoping to achieve with the UK Vegan Bloggers is a community of bloggers who can come together to share each other’s work, somewhere bloggers can talk about veganism (vegetarianism) if it’s not right for their audience and just a helpful group of people.

I don’t want it to be all about the bloggers though. Sometimes communities like this only end up appealing to the people in them, I’m hoping the UK Vegan Bloggers website and social media channels will appeal to readers too. I’d like it to be a great source of information, recipes and reviews for people who are vegan/vegetarian or those who are thinking about making the switch.

If you’re a blogger who happens to be vegan/vegetarian, and in the UK, I’d love to hear from you and welcome you into the community. If you’re not a blogger but interested in seeing more vegan related posts then pop over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give us a follow. You can also pop over to the website and sign up for the weekly post roundup and (hopefully) monthly newsletter.


Now, with the UK Vegan Bloggers in mind, I’ll be focusing a lot on Veganuary both on this blog as well as sharing it with the UKVB website and social media platforms.

What I’d LOVE is for you guys to get involved and give it a go yourself.

Now, this doesn’t mean going full steam ahead into the full vegan lifestyle. All I’d like is for you to drop meat, dairy and eggs for January, obviously if you want to, and embrace a whole-food plant based way of eating for the 31 days.

This means swapping out your mince for lentils or beans, switching chicken for sweet potato and chickpeas, embracing a world of amazing veggies, beans, pulses and legumes.

It’s a great way to drop a few pounds, help clear up your skin and ease any aches and pains because a lot of it is caused by meat and dairy.

Now, if 31 days looks too hard for you then try reducing your meat, dairy and egg intake to once or twice a week. You’ll be helping not only yourself but the animals and the environment A LOT with that small switch.

If you need any more help or information then keep an eye on the UK Vegan Bloggers or pop over to the official Veganuary site and sign up there, they’ll send you plenty of information, including meal plans to get you started.

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