The Practical University Student Gift Guide

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Heading off to university is a scary but exciting time, I know as I’m about to do it. Luckily for me I’m all growned-up and will be living at home, I can’t imagine what it’d be like doing it at 18. With this in mind, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect things to list on my practical university student gift guide.

Moving out of the family home and learning to live on your own, or at least be expected to fend for yourself, is a big step for anyone; and one most of us have to take at some point. In this gift guide, I’m going to recommend items that are more on the practical side to help the student in your life cope that little bit better.

Top-up Their Student Card

This gift could be a serious lifesaver for any student so I’m making it the top idea on my list. Most universities will have some form of top-up card for students to use around different areas of their campus, many are built into their student card. These cards allow the student to pay for different things around the university, anything from printing and stationary to late book fees and food.

Topping up your student’s card gives you the knowledge that no matter how much they spend at the pub over the weekend they will have some credit which will allow them to buy a meal each day. As well as helping fund the necessary admin costs of being at uni via the library and print shop.

Save Money On Coffee

It’s well documented that most students survive on caffeine for most of their time at uni, a life-staple that can get quite expensive – especially if they’re a coffee snob (like me!). With this in mind a travel mug, similar to the one I’ve pictured, will possibly save them anything up to 50p per cup depending on which chain coffee shop tickles their fancy; possibly more for on-site or independent coffee shops.

student travel mug

This Mimo mug was £8 from T K Maxx and means after 16 coffees at Pret that I’ve made my money back, the rest is then profit. If one coffee is purchased every day through term time that’s an annual saving of £75 (based on the 50p at Pret), this doesn’t include any coffees bought during holidays away from the university. They start pretty cheaply on Amazon where you can even grab a folding cup to save space.

A Beast Slaying Weapon

When reaching out for ideas for this gift guide I was approached with a rather random product which, when I thought about it, was a genius idea. I know I personally HATE daddy longlegs and there is a huge amount of people who can’t deal with spiders but don’t think about how they will cope with no-one around to save them. Well, check out this beautiful invention…

I can personally say that this is a MUST have if your student has any fear of spiders, moths or daddy long legs. It safely captures the beastie allowing them to release it back into the wild where it belongs. The one I had sent to me is £15.26 on Amazon with prime delivery and I’ve already used it to save Aaron from THE BIGGEST spider and save myself from a winged flying beastie of doom.

The Gift Of Fresh Air And History

Now, this idea isn’t for every student but I personally think it’s a great one…especially if your student has a love of history, photography or the great outdoors. Our English Heritage membership has been one of the best investments we’ve made as a family. It opens us up to a wealth of our island’s history, beautiful sites and a reason to get out into the fresh air for exercise.

Like I said, it’s not for every student. The value of the membership very much depends on where they are studying and if they can easily access the sites. As a student, you can purchase an annual gift membership for them for £46.

Give A Student A Tin Of Beans…

…and they can eat for a day, give them a cookbook and a food care package and they’ll attempt to cook for themselves before heading off to McDonald’s. Seriously though, there are many great cookbooks aimed at students which show them how to eat well on a budget, including the NOSH for Students cookbook.

The NOSH for Students cookbook teaches them how to shop smart, meal plan and make basic sauces before delving into lots of tasty meals – the Vegetable Curry looks lush.

Amazon Prime, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As a student, they will get Amazon Prime free for six months then for £39/year and it’s well worth them having it. Not only do they get free Prime delivery on qualifying purchases but as a student, they get offers on student essentials such as textbooks, clothing, kitchenware, software and even video games. In addition, they get Prime Video for TV, Music, Reading (they can read the cookbook mention above at any time for nothing), Twitch Prime if they’re a gamer and photo storage for all the memories they make while they’re there.

prime student benefits

Now, unfortunately, you can’t gift a Prime membership so you’ll either need to log into their account and use your details, transfer the money or give them the cash for this. Buying a gift card doesn’t allow them to redeem it against a Prime membership so don’t try that. Unless you’re reading this in the US then yes, you can give the gift of Prime.

Keeping On Top Of The Days

Being organised is key when it comes to getting through uni and while most universities do everything online and via apps, it’s still extremely useful to have a written physical copy of important dates and deadlines. This Student Year Planner is a great idea to hang on their wall, near the door, so they see it every time they enter and leave their room. Important dates, reminders and deadlines can be added so they have no excuse for forgetting.

student year planner

So, there is my practical university student gift guide. A few things I think that every student should have to help them through university. Will you be getting any of these as gifts? If you’re a student what is the one thing you think that will get you through your time at university?

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