USA TopCashback Valentine’s Treats Giveaway 2018

Well, it looks like the Xmas Treats Giveaway over in the USA was popular enough for them to bring it back in time for Valentine’s Day! This means I’m back with all the answers again so buckle up for another two weeks of hummingbird hunting all in the name of love with this years USA TopCashback Valentine’s Treats Giveaway.

These answers are for the TopCashback.COM giveaway, not the UK’s version. The UK version can be found HERE!

USA TopCashback Valentine’s Treat Giveaway 2018

USA TopCashback Valentine's Treats Giveaway

The aim of the game is to use the daily clues to discover which page the hummingbird is on, the hummingbird has a gift for you so give him a click. He will then reveal what was in the gift which will either be a prize draw entry for the Mega Prize Draw worth $500 OR a Sweet Treat which you collect to win one of eight instant prizes. He is also hiding among other pages as well as the daily clues, this is random and you could spend all day looking but never find him – I tend to just randomly click a few extra companies each day and hope to find him.

Topcashback valentines day treat giveaway prizes

The giveaway is running until 14th December (23:59) so that’s a whopping 17 days of clues and prize draw entries, you can gain extra prize draw entries by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. You can gain five extra entries by clicking the Sweet Treats tab at the bottom and letting people know you are playing along on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the one entry for announcing that you’ve found a treat.

Getting Started

If you don’t have a account then it takes moments to register for one here and you will also notice that you may have been missing out on $100’s of cashback from everyday purchases such as TV, Insurance and regular clothes shopping. I’ve earned over £1000 in cashback since I became a member, and most of that was made last year.

So, I will list the daily clues below each day and don’t worry if you miss a day or two, you can still go to the daily clue you missed to find the bird and get the prize. If you want a reminder to check here then go follow me on Twitter, you can even ask Twitter to notify you when I tweet. Good Luck!

I normally have the clue up just after midnight, if not then by 10am at the LATEST! If the clue isn’t showing then it might be worth clearing your cookies and checking again.

These answers are for the TopCashback.COM giveaway, not the UK’s version. The UK version can be found HERE!

TopCashback Xmas Giveaway Daily Clues

29th January 2018: Macy’s

30th January 2018:

31st January 2018: Godiva

1st February 2018: 1800Flowers

2nd February 2018:

3rd February 2018: Shari’s Berries

4th February 2018: Kay Jewelers

5th February 2018: Swarovski

6th February 2018: Harry & David

7th February 2018: CVS Pharmacy

8th February 2018: MAC Cosmetics

9th February 2018: Clinique

10th February 2018: Perfumania

11th February 2018:

12th February 2018: My M&Ms

13th February 2018: See’s Candies

14th February 2018: Estee Lauder

Good luck, let me know if you have any wins in the comments! Don’t forget to use TopCashback to get money back from purchases.

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