Vegan Christmas Gift Guide For 2017

Many people hear vegan and assume weirdos who refuse to wash, sleep in trees and live on quinoa. It might sound like a difficult task but buying for your friends/family/loved ones who are vegan really isn’t all that bad, and I’m here to make it even easier. Here is my vegan Christmas gift guide.

Vegan Christmas Gift Guide For 2017

Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

I’ve rattled my brain, scoured the internet and reached out to brands to bring you a gift guide which I hope will allow you to find that perfect vegan-friendly gift. A couple of items in this guide were gifted to me for consideration and I’ll let you know which ones they are.

For The Healthy Vegan

There is no denying that a vegan lifestyle is a pretty healthy one, obviously when you’re avoiding the chips and Oreos. It can be hard to avoid the vegan junk food so to keep your loved ones on track I’ve decided that these few items are a must for the healthy vegan.

JML Nutri-Blitzer

JML Nutri-Blitzer

Am I the only one who gets excited about kitchen gadgets? When I was offered a new blender to try I was ecstatic!! Not because I can make milkshakes or smoothies but because I could use it to make a smooth vegan cheese sauce – my hand blender just wasn’t cutting it.

So I was sent this beauty to include in this list as well as a full review, which is coming soon, and I have to say it’s the bee’s knees. It pulverizes every bleeding thing. Since it arrived I’ve made my cheese sauce, I’ve also made a cauliflower Alfredo sauce, used it to grind nuts into powder (almost butter) for a nut roast and of course, Eban has had a couple of milkshakes. It crushes ice like Thor’s hammer.

Enough about that though, I need to save some stuff for the full review. You can pick up the destroyer of nuts on Amazon.



Now, I was sent this item to try but not for my Christmas gift guide, this item will actually be appearing in January as part of my Veganuary campaign. When it arrived I thought it might be a great addition to the healthy part of this gift guide.

The MealKitt allows you to easily work out portion sizes based on how many calories you should be having. No weighing, no counting. Just fill up the individual compartments with the appropriate food and serve. This is also great for non-vegans looking to control their portions.

You can grab this handy dandy device over on Amazon where it is currently on offer for £39.99 (RRP £49.99).

For The Beauty Vegan

Right, beauty products aren’t the easiest thing to buy at the best of times. Most of the time you are best just asking the person what they prefer and what shades because every brand is different. With that in mind here are a few items you can’t go wrong with for beauty obsessed friends.


Lush Season's Greetings
Photo Credit: Lush

Yes, it may stink every time you walk past but normally you can’t go wrong with anything from Lush. Bath bombs, bubble bars, foot scrubs and much more. They do a huge range of products and lots of different sets.

Personally, I love the look of the Season’s Greetings set which includes six different products for £32.50.

TheVeganKind Beauty Box Subscription

TheVeganKind Beauty Subscription Box

I’ve personally started one of these subscriptions for myself and think they’re great for anyone who wants to explore more cruelty-free, vegan based beauty options. It’s a quarterly box (so four a year) that is filled with full size and sample products, which are worth a lot more than you pay – my first box had £50+ in full-size products.

You can pay £18.15 (inc p&p) per quarter, £33.30 (10% less) bi-annually or £63.60 (15% less) annually. The subscription can be cancelled at any time so if you only want the one box then that’s fine. TheVeganKind also does a monthly Lifestyle Box.

For The Foodie Vegan

You might assume that we vegans live on grass but you’d surprised at what we can whip up that is not only delicious but kinder to animals too. It’s also safe to assume that most vegans LOVE their food, I know I do so here is a sample of perfect gifts for your vegan foodie.

Spice Drops

Spice Drops
Photo Credit: Holylama

Spice Drops are a range of 31 very concentrated, natural extracts of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. They a perfect for transforming any recipe with authentic taste and aroma using just a couple of drops. You can buy them as individual flavours or in sets such as a Curry Collection Set or Tea Collection Set.

I was sent a set of samples (available on their site for £2.50 + p&p) to try and I really liked them, a little goes a long way and they can be used in a range of different ways. You can buy them direct, with free shipping on orders over £50, or they’re available on Amazon with Prime delivery.

Cowley’s Fine Foods Mystery Box

Cowleys Fine Foods

I still can’t quite put my finger on it but there was something wonderfully special about the recent Vegan Mystery Box I was sent by Cowley’s Fine Foods. They didn’t send me it for inclusion in this guide, they were just looking for vegan bloggers to give their products a whirl.

I wasn’t sure what I would get and when I opened up the box of treats I still wasn’t sure. Let me tell you, some of the food in that box was absolutely amazing! It was filled with vegan jerky and fruity sweet treats. My favourite was a pack of Thai Coconut pieces – it was just like eating a good Thai curry; I just wish Aaron hadn’t of eaten most of the bag.

These boxes are £12.50 a month (free p&p BONUS!) and come with never before eaten products which is an incentive to keep buying.

Stocking Filler Ideas

Here are a few smaller things, perfect to fill your loved ones stocking.

Gin Gins

Caramel Gin Gins
Photo Credit: Healthy2U

I was sent a box of these to try, the Gin Gins Caramel ones. They were absolutely delicious. I’m a huge fan of ginger as it is so these were the perfect treat for myself. They come in a variety of different flavours and are made by The Ginger People. Not only a fab treat for your favourite vegan but great for pregnant ladies and motion sick friends. The caramel ones are available from for £1.65 (31g box), the price of other flavours vary.

TVK “Not A Baby Cow” Tote Bag

Not a Baby Cow Tote
Photo Credit: TheVeganKind

I absolutely love this tote bag from TheVeganKind and so will almost any vegan. Best thing is that it’s currently half-price for Christmas so you can grab it now for £2.50 – TheVeganKind also do a huge range of Christmas gifts such as chocolates and selection boxes.

Chocolate Coins

Vegan chocolate coins
Photo Credit: TheVeganKind

Chocolate coins are a must for any stocking so make sure you’ve got them in for any vegan stocking, they’re also perfect for someone who is dairy-free due to allergies – they do contain soya. Only £2.49 again from TheVeganKind so make sure you pop them in your basket when you order the tote bag.


satsuma stocking

It isn’t really a Christmas stocking without an orange round fruit stuffed in the toe. These can be grabbed at any local supermarket or market stall. Full of vitamin C and other goodness, don’t forget to include it.

Well, I think I’ve exhausted myself on this guide. I’m hoping you find a few ideas to help you with vegan gift buying this Christmas. If you have any suggestions then leave them in the comments, I have a husband to start thinking about.

A few ideas for the vegan in your life. Here is my vegan Christmas gift guide 2017.

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