Is YouTube About To Kill Your Favourite Channels?

Love it or hate it, YouTube is very much a part of everyday life. Full of beauty tips, Primark hauls, recipe ideas, product reviews and more, YouTube isn’t going anywhere soon. But your favourite channels might, especially after today’s announcement by them to de-monetise channels who no longer hit certain targets…like mine!

Is YouTube About To Kill Your Favourite Channels?

What’s Changing?

Since I started monetising my own videos, about 5 years ago, quite a few changes have already happened. Back then to monetise your videos you basically had an automated call from YouTube to verify you were a real person and then that was it. In April 2017 they changed that to each channel needing 10,000 views before allowing monetisation – this was to weed out smaller channels of a lesser quality.

Then the PewDiePie incident in 2017 happened and YouTube has been feeling the financial pressure from its sponsors being a little peeved off. Obviously, big brands don’t want to be associated with YouTube stars who may harm their image so YouTube has had to step up their game in order to please it’s financial support networks.

It started slashing the earnings YouTubers received, some reported falls in their ad earnings by over 50%. This obviously hit the bigger earning YouTubers hard and a lot of them had to seek earnings from other platforms, such as Patreon.

Anyhoo, after the more recent Logan Paul trouble, we now find that YouTube is squeezing even tighter and punishing not only the new channels but those of us who have been plodding along quietly over the years.

YouTube de-monetise

What This Means For Me

In all honesty, I’m not really going to suffer as my channel is still really small and I’ve earned less than $50 from my videos over the last five years. Unless a miracle happens and I get a sudden boom in subscribers who want to watch every video of mine, at least five times, then meeting the new requirements within the next 30 days is going to be impossible.

This news doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on my YouTube channel though, I enjoy recording videos for my subscribers and never had the idea that I’d “make it” as a YouTuber. So you can still expect the same YouTube content to appear from me, maybe more as I was aiming to hit 1,000 by the end of the year anyhoo.

Is YouTube About To Kill Your Favourite Channels?

Obviously, this doesn’t change the average channel you might watch. The big names in each industry and the well-established YouTubers will easily meet those targets but it’s the smaller channels you enjoy that might just disappear.

I’ve already seen many people saying how YouTube is their main income but they don’t meet those requirements, some of them saying they are “way off”, especially the 4,000 hours target.

Changes like this are enough to put many people off continuing, for others, they see it as a new goal – I know I do.

How Can You Help?

If you have a favourite blogger/gamer/makeup artist/celebrity, check to see if they have a YouTube channel and subscribe.

Watch their latest videos, preferably to the end – even if you’re tabbed out doing something else.

Open up a playlist of theirs and watch it all, with the sound off and running in the background if necessary. This clocks up their viewed time which helps them hit that 4,000-hour target.

Seek out new channels, if you have a YouTuber you like then check to see if they have a “Liked Videos” playlist. This is where all the videos they’ve personally liked go so you can see what they’re watching and go watch them too.


I’m hoping this new change doesn’t hit too many people too badly, and I hope it doesn’t stop new people from starting their YouTube journey. If you have a YouTube channel then pop a link in the comments and I’ll pop over to give you some love, I’m always happy to help a fellow YouTuber.

If you don’t already, and want to, then I’d be very happy if you gave me some love too.

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2 thoughts on “Is YouTube About To Kill Your Favourite Channels?”

  1. Wow, I never realised that all this had happened with youtube. I haven’t got a channel yet as I am focusing on building up my other social media and there is a long way to go with that. I’m wondering if the answer for many of us who are still at the starting out stage might be to use youtube as a stepping stone rather than a destination, as its possible that money can be made far more easily from other channels.

  2. I like this post. Very informative about the changes and small steps we can do to help each other out. Youtube channel sharing service is needed to get to the 1000 subscribers each i think

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