Don’t Say No To Free Money: Cashback Sites

Unless you are really set in your ways and fully believe that loyalty pays then each year you’ll do a renewal for things like car insurance, TV providers and broadband. I understand some people will go via places such as or because they offer things like cuddly toys or cinema tickets but surely, cold hard cash back in your pocket it better than that? Don’t say no to FREE money via cashback sites.

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What Do I Mean Free Money?

Simple fact: Companies want you to use THEIR services, to pay them your money and have you on board with them – hopefully for many years. These companies also realise that sometimes they have to spend a little in order to get you on board so approach websites such as TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks to get you to join them. They offer these sites commission, much in the same way those people stood in Asda flogging TalkTalk get but the difference being that these sites give that commission to you – some might take a small percentage.

What Kind Of Things Will Give Me Cashback?

Almost anything! From insurances to clothes shopping, there are many purchases you can make that will give you cashback. The general rule is: if you’re going to buy online, check to see if you will earn cashback first. During 2016 I earned £278.89 via TopCashback, £13 via Quidco (I tend to preferred TCB) and 2,314SB on Swagbucks (in December – between £10 and £20 depending where I redeem them) which ranged from changing my gas/electric supplier to buying Eban’s new bed. I always follow the rule.

Free Money

Are People Really Saying No To Free Money?

Yes! It’s hard to believe but true.

Obviously I include referrals as part of my income. I can monitor how many people click and sign up via my personal referral code but with some sites my referrals need to make a certain amount of cashback themselves before I earn from them. In the case of TopCashback, that amount is £10 – they simply need to earn £10 in cashback. They don’t even manage that and I can’t fathom why? You switch your utilities company and you earn more than that (in most cases). I switched to Good Energy in November and have £52.20 pending.

Free Money

If those 54 people who are pending never earn their cashback then heyho, I don’t make the referral bonus but I’m already claiming my free money by using these cashback services – I’m not the one missing out. Do you want to see how easy it is to earn your first £10? Take out a 30 day free trial with Equifax for £7 cashback – just remember to cancel it. Order a FREE Graze box for £3 cashback – again, remember to cancel it. Done! £10 in cashback without spending a penny and some tasty snacks. So if you’re one of my 54 pending signups go grab your £10 free.

With over £1000 earned since I joined, I’m a huge supporter of cashback sites – life is expensive enough without throwing away £100’s each year by simply checking before you order.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Say No To Free Money: Cashback Sites”

  1. It always surprises me when I say to people ‘did you use a cashback site’ and they say no.. Not like I don’t remind people enough! Great post!

    • I know – it’s like “It’s FREE money for doing something you’re already doing”. I think it’s just a British thing, they see free and think there is a catch haha

  2. I always check cashback sites (TCB/Quidco), it’s become an ingrained habit for me now over the years! 🙂

  3. This used to drive me crazy when we sold insurance at work to save our clients money on their monthly outgoings. The amount of times people turned down £100’s worth of savings because they preferred a Meerkat was ridiculous!

    P.S. The new cover photo is AWESOME!!


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