Working From Home And Online

About a year and a half ago I made the choice to stop looking for “the perfect job”. You know. The one that means you can drop your child at school, pick them up, attend events and also allow you that precious family time. The almost impossible one to find! This is when I decided to work from home.

Working from home

Working From Home And Online

I was approached by a guy who could offer me the chance at this. He was able to hook me up with the opportunity to join a text question and answer service which was very sought after. Luckily we met at the right time because the company were having a huge recruitment drive. I was soon offered a position with them after an application and skill check.

This guy was Jon, the owner of a forum (and now blog) called The Money Shed. This forum is FULL to bursting with money making opportunities. I’ve been a member since 2014 and I’m now a moderator. Thanks to the forum I now have an array of jobs. I will go into in a little more detail about them further down and also those I don’t personally do but I can vouch for them. After you have finished reading this post, make sure you check out The Money Shed; it’s well worth it if you are serious about wanting to make some money.

Since I started working from home I keep coming across people looking for similar opportunities. I see forum post after forum post of people (mostly mothers) looking for any way of either topping up their income or wanting to make enough to support themselves but without having to worry about the extortionate cost of childcare. Well keep reading as I run through some of my top sites and ways for working from home, and online.

Direct Sales

This is one of the traditional ways of working from home and it is the most thought about one when you are thinking about it. Direct sales comes in all shapes and sizes, selling many different products including make-up, health products, books, chocolates and adult products. This normally involves paying a company for a kit and then selling their products to earn commission. Some of them require upfront fees, ongoing fees or targets to be met, make sure you know what you are getting into before parting with any money.

In the past I have joined a couple of them and failed miserably because I didn’t do my research and I didn’t really care about the products. You can do VERY well from this avenue but no matter what a rep might tell you, it doesn’t just fall on your lap and if it sounds too good to be true then ultimately it is.

There is often a sign-up cost for these and monthly targets and/or fees to pay. A few of them heavily rely on you recruiting a team and getting started can often be even more costly – business cards, banners, stock.

Surveys and Paid To Click

Another working from home avenue that comes to mind is surveys and Paid To Click (PTC) sites. In my opinion most of these are slow earners and heavily rely on you getting referrals who earn you money/points as they earn. That said here are a couple that are worth your time.

Prolific Academic – this isn’t an ordinary survey site. These are studies run my university academics who pay for your thoughts/opinions etc and pay VERY well. You can read more about them on my post here.

Swagbucks – if you can keep up daily with the goals set on here then you can cashout very quickly with this site. There are many ways to collect points including mobile apps. These points can then be exchanged for giftcards for many shops.

Pinecone Research – these guys are really selective about who they take on. You really need the right demographics so don’t be put off if you don’t get in. It’s well worth it as they pay a few ££’s per survey which is cashed out in vouchers including Paypal.

There are many  sites you can sign up to and it is possible to earn well from them like KatyKicker. Check out her blog here to see how she manages it.

Selling Services

If you are a baker, crafter, cleaner, ironer, dog walker etc then you can sell your services to others willing to pay for it. If you have a skill then you can earn from that. I used to do baking but I had to drop it as the market was over saturated. Do your research before investing your time and money into this.


Many people know about this site but for those that don’t, TopCashback gives you money back for purchases and sign up’s made online. I’m at well over £1000 in cash back since I joined.

Website Evaluation

My favourite site for this is WhatUsersDo. These guys pay between £8-15 for a 20 minute job, you basically check out websites and give your opinions. For this you do need a microphone as you need to speak your thoughts as you explore the site. Also check out User Testing which is used by a few on The Money Shed.

Web Search Evaluation

I don’t personally do this but I know many others who bring in £500-£700 a month with theses companies. Take a look at Lionbridge, Appen and Leapforce to see if they are currently recruiting.

Mystery Shopping

This has been around since the dawn of retail shopping. A task is assigned, you do it, you’re reimbursed any costs and paid a fee on top. eDigitalResearch is a brilliant company to sign up for as it is mainly all done online. When they have work available you can make £100’s in a month. Different companies use different mystery shopping companies so it’s worth having a google to find one that is right for you.

Matched Betting

I’m relatively new to this but I’ve already made myself a nice little risk-free, tax-free amount that is growing daily. If you have £60+ to spare (the more the better) then it is well worth taking a look into this. Profit Accumulator is a brilliant site that will walk you though the steps and takes all the leg work out of it for you; you can give their FREE TRIAL a go and earn up to £45 before parting with their subscription fee (which is worth its weight in gold). You can check out my blog post about it here.

These are a few of the genuine ways to earn from home and online, most of which I do. Remember though, with everything I’ve listed (except the Matched Betting) that you need to register with HMRC as self-employed. You need to declare everything you earn; even if it’s only a few ££’s.

If you have any questions then please feel free to add a comment or drop me an email.


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  1. Good informative post. The Money Shed Forum has certainly helped me to boost up my income online.

  2. Great post, I always thought I was pretty clued up about earning online until I found The Money Shed great source of info and inspiration.

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