Free Cash From The Money Shed This January

So, my favourite working from home forum (and blog) is bringing back their free money giveaway and I’m here to tell you how you can bag up to £15 for very little work.

Free Cash from The Money Shed

Earn £15 FREE From The Money Shed

I’ve been a member of The Money Shed for many years now, in fact, it’s been so long that I’m actually a moderator – not that the site needs too much moderation. It’s a UK only site with very few rules but it’s an awesome community which helps people earn extra or for many, a full-time income, from home.

One thing that is also great about The Money Shed is that Jon, the guy who runs it, isn’t afraid to splash the cash and reward users for simply interacting with the site. Over the years he’s offered up prizes for sporting events, each month he offers up £30 in prizes for people taking part in the Monthly Money Making Challenge and this year he has brought back another incentive.

Earn £15 For Contributing 100 Posts

As the title says, this incentive is super easy to take part in. Simply head over to The Money Shed and make an account, then spend a little time commenting, replying and creating posts – there are enough posts to interact with so it’s an easy incentive.

The incentive starts on the 1st of January and is open to both new and existing members, so there is no harm in joining now and start working on your post count – just don’t go over 50 before the incentive starts.

More Info

Get your post count above 50 on The Money Shed and drop Jon a PM with your PayPal address and he will send you £5 via PayPal

Get your post count above 100 on The Money Shed and drop Jon a PM and he will send you £10 via PayPal

This is open to both New AND EXISTING members who pass the 50 / 100 checkpoints while the contest is open.

Posts that are 1 word or ‘quick replies’ to threads just to get your post count up will just be deleted – make sure you contribute meaningful content! 

As always this contest will close when his funds for this run out but it should run for a good few weeks.

Posts To Check Out

Monthly Money Making Challenge – every month Katykicker and I head up the Money Making Challenge. Members set themselves a target and report back their earnings. Three random people win £10 each just for taking part, so the more you post the greater your chance at winning.

Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post} – whether you’re new to Matched Betting or not, this post is great for general Matched Betting chat.

Leapforce / Lionbridge – earn money from home by becoming a web search evaluator

Off Topic – The Money Shed Arms – lots off non-money making banter from a monthly general chat thread to telling the other members what has made you smile today – this is a great part of the forum to build up your post count.

Come And Join In

Besides the incentive being an easy way to earn £15, you are also opened up to many other ways to earn money from home so make sure you give it a good look around. I look forward to seeing you over there.

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