Grab a FREE Share with Trading 212

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I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and admit that the stock market completely baffles me. I’m no financial expert and if you’re wanting specific advice on anything investment related then contact someone qualified to give that advice. But, I do know a money bargain when I see one! This is why I’m sharing with you today a quick and easy way to make a few quid in three days with Trading 212.

Grab a FREE Share with Trading 212

WARNING!! Investments Can Fall as well as Rise…

Let’s get this talked about right off the bat. Investing your own money does come with a risk! Never, ever, invest money you can’t afford to lose and as I said right at the beginning, seek professional advice before you delve into the world of investing. However, this post comes with the low risk of losing £1 – if that is all you invest then that’s all you’ll risk losing.

Trading 212 Free Share Offer

Trading212 is a site where anyone can purchase online shares, even a novice like me. It all looks a little daunting at first but unless you plan on building up an extensive portfolio then you don’t have to worry about most of the site. We’re just focusing on their sign up offer so if you follow these steps you’ll be quids in, in no time. The free share you get will be worth up to £100 and will be for a real company.

So, to grab your free share from *Trading212 you need to:

  • *Sign up to Trading212 either their Invest or ISA account (I just went with Invest)
  • Deposit £1 into your account
  • Within three business days, you’ll get your free share allocation
  • Allow the share to settle for three days (don’t try and sell or withdraw it)
  • After three business days sell the share for what its current value is
  • Wait 30 days for the cash to unlock
  • Withdraw the value of the sold share back to your debit card.

Full terms and conditions can be found on their website.

Grab a FREE Share with Trading 212

Do You Have to Spend Your Deposit?

It doesn’t state that the £1 deposit has to be invested, just deposited, but I decided to invest mine anyway. I currently have a 0.004 share in Apple and at the time of writing, I’m 2p up – hello early retirement!

apple trading 212 investment

Full Clarity About Using My Link

If you decide to use *my link then I will also receive a free share worth up to £100 but this is only for the first 20 people who use my link. In order to qualify for the free share, you HAVE to use a referral link. This does mean that you too can earn yourself an additional 20 shares by sharing your own link with friends and family after you have signed up. That is potentially up to £2100 for a £1 deposit – it does rely on every one of your shares being worth £100 when you withdraw so realistically you’re looking at possibly a couple of hundred pounds…still not to be sniffed at.

Continuing to use Trading 212

Whether you decide to continue to use the site after receiving your free shares is completely up to you. Personally, it looks like a nice and easy way to explore the stock market and they even have the option to switch to practice mode so you can have a dabble at no risk. Again, because I’m responsible, don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose and speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about if you need advice.

Good luck with your free share! If you do use my link, feel free to come back and let me know what you got in the comments – it’d be interesting to see the range of shares issued.

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Grab a FREE Share with Trading 212

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