Getting Organised When You Work From Home

Working from home has its many benefits; such as flexibility of hours, no travel costs and being able to sit around in your PJs all day. However, finding the motivation to get started can be hard and it’s even worse if, like me, you are completely unorganised. Luckily, the awesome guys at Mustard have sent me a few things to help me combat this, so here are a few tips for getting organised when you work from home.

Getting Organised When You Work From Home

Never Forget

One problem I have is that I can completely forget tasks that I need to do. Whether it is a blog post, making a phone call or even soaking beans for dinner the next day (I completely forgot to do that last night), I’m useless. So, to combat this I’ve started using sticky notes and memo pads.

If I’m sat at my desk and something comes up that I need to remember to do later then I just jot it down. This method works great when Aaron asks me to do something, especially as he works nights and sleeps in the day – I can’t just text him to ask what he wanted me to do.

Getting Organised When You Work From Home

Keeping Lists

Blog post and YouTube videos pop into my head all the time but by the time I get home I’ve completely forgotten them so I’ve started carrying these little notepads when I’m out and about. As I run three blogs, as well as a YouTube channel, I find it handy to have separate pads for each blog to keep the ideas apart.

Getting Organised When You Work From Home

As well as the notepads, I’ve also started using my Amazon Echo to add ideas to a to-do list on my phone. This is great when I’m busy cooking or cleaning in the kitchen (where my Echo lives) because I can just “Alexa, add [insert task] to my to-do list” and it’s sat there ready for me.

Getting Organised When You Work From Home

Eating Well

Now, you may not associate lunch with being organised when you work from home because, well, you can just make it whenever you’re ready but I’ve found planning ahead really does help. If I make myself a packed lunch either the night before when I make Aaron’s or on a morning when I’m making Eban’s, I’ve found I eat healthier and I can have a little more me time.

Before I’d pop into the kitchen and just grab whatever I could, whether it was a slice of cheese, a handful of peanuts or an orange. I wouldn’t eat a proper lunch because it took time out of my work schedule to prepare, time I could be sat working. Now I pop my lunch into a little lunch box then come lunch time I grab it, make a cuppa and take 20 minutes out of the day to relax and eat it.

Stay Hydrated

Again, like the eating well, you might not think that keeping hydrated during the day can help keep you organised but it can. The body needs water to function, without it you may experience headaches, lethargy, mind fogginess and just a general lack of motivation.

Plenty of fluids while your working is a must, and even better is that you need to pop to the toilet more often which gives you short breaks away from your work – helping your brain relax.

If you’re like me and not a big fan of plain water, then this fruit infusing bottle that Mustard sent me might be what you need. Fill it with your favourite fruits and enjoy flavoured water all day long.

Getting Organised When You Work From Home
Frozen blueberries and a slice of lime in mine

Me Time

My biggest tip for getting organised when you work from home though is just to set aside plenty of “me time”. You can’t work efficiently if you’re not relaxed and rested so make sure, no matter what, that you set yourself some alone time. This can be a relaxing bath, watch your favourite shows on Netflix, going for a walk or just reading a book.

Halfway through the month and I’m already noticing a difference in my work ethic and productivity. A huge thank you to Mustard for these awesome items that are keeping my organised, make sure you go check them out.

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