Quidco Guess 2 Win November 2018

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Don’t you just love it when you completely miss the start of a new Quidco giveaway? Unfortunately, it happens to me all too often…does anyone actually receive an email about them? Anyhoo, thank you to my lovely reader Steve who emailed me to ask where the heck my answers were for the November Quidco Guess 2 Win giveaway…well, they’re here now!

Quidco Guess 2 Win November 2018

Quidco Guess 2 Win November

Quidco have started doing this awesome little giveaway called Guess 2 Win and I’m pretty sure this is the second time…I missed the first one! Each day you are presented with two anagrams that are companies who offer cashback on the site. When you solve the anagrams you will be presented with the two companies as clickable links. When you click them you’ll be directed to the retailer’s page on Quidco where you will be informed of your prize. The prize is either cash between 10p and £20 or an entry into the prize draw at the end of it.

Prize Board

There are £19,000 in cash prizes to be won and as I said, these range from 10p to £20. The competition opened on the 2nd November (while I was on holiday which is why I missed it) and closes on the 21st November 2018 at 17:00.

Quidco Guess 2 Win November Prize Board

£1000 Super Draw

If you’re a Quidco Premium member then you can also win entries into the Super Draw to win £1000.

Join Quidco

If you’re not already a member then it’s free to sign up and you can start earning some awesome cashback on your purchases. When you join you’ll also receive £5 for clicking any of the links in my post after you’ve earned your first £10 in cashback.

Quidco Guess 2 Win November’s Answers

As I mentioned above, I actually missed the beginning of this competition because I was away on my holidays with no WiFi (I’m not sure how I coped). So, my answers don’t start from the 2nd for that reason. Again, thank you Steve for the email.

8th November 2018: BT Mobile and Dorothy Perkins

9th November 2018: EE Sim Only (20p for me) and Hoppy

10th November 2018: Top Shop and Talk Talk

11th November 2018: Grow Gorgeous and Glossy Box

12th November 2018: Look Fantastic and Norton by Symantec

13th November 2018: Boohoo Man and Etsy

14th November 2018: Ernest Jones and Holland & Barrett (10p for me)

15th November 2018: Nasty Gal and Casper

16th November 2018: Confused.com (I got nothing?) and La Redoute (10p)

17th November 2018: Very and BT Broadband (10p for me)

18th November 2018: Expedia (10p for me) and Laura Ashley

19th November 2018: Boohoo and Now TV Passess (10p for me)

20th November 2018: Great Magazines and Miss Selfridge

21st November 2018: Hughes (10p for me) and Qantas

Now, unlike the TopCashback giveaways, which I also cover every few months, the daily clue is only available as a prize for that day. So you can’t get yesterday’s answer today. You’ll need to check back here each day (I should have them live by 10 am) for that day’s clue and if you need a little reminder then pop over and give me a follow on Twitter where a reminder goes out twice a day.

Good luck, let me know if you have any wins in the comments! Don’t forget, you can also use TopCashback to get money back from purchases or Boom25 for the chance to win back the whole cost of your purchase!

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  1. One of today’s answers (“hoppy”), confirmed as correct by Quidco – doesn’t exist as a retailer on the Quidco site. Sneaky way of not paying anything out?!

  2. OMG I’m totally stuck today (19th), I’ve got Boohoo, but the other one I can’t find on the list of sponsors at all!

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