Quidco Santa Dash Game

As we’ve already had Quidco’s Snow Me The Money giveaway I was rather shocked to hear of another giveaway before Christmas, but here we are, another chance to win cash prizes from Quidco. Here are the details of the Quidco Santa Dash Game.Quidco Santa Dash

Quidco Giveaways

Regular readers will know that I’m always on the ball for both the Quidco and TopCashback giveaways throughout the year. You know you can come here and find the answers to all the giveaways, such as the current TopCashback Xmas Treats giveaway which is live until the 24th December.

This giveaway, however, is a little different to the clue-hunting games of the past. For this one there is no clue, no sacks or hummingbirds, just a VERY addictive game.

The Quidco Santa Dash Game

The aim of the Quidco Santa Dash game is to throw parcels from Santa into the chimneys, miss a chimney and it’s game over. You throw the parcels by clicking your mouse, or the screen on your phone.

Quidco Santa Dash

Don’t worry though, you can keep playing until you do get to the end of the game.

Quidco Santa Dash

Practice makes perfect and you’ll soon get to the end of the game where you have the chance to win some actual cash prizes.

Quidco Santa Dash

When you click through you’ll be greated with a screen informing you of your prize. In most cases, you’ll be met with a “Hard Luck” screen which means you didn’t win this time. Just brush yourself off and try again, and again, and again, and again….

Quidco Santa Dash

The Prizes

As I said, there are real cash prizes to be won so it’s worth playing. You can win anything from 10p to £50 with a grand prize of £5000 awarded to one winner when the came closes on the 20th December.

Quidco Santa Dash

Let me know in the comments if you’re lucky enough to win anything and I’ll leave you with me winning nothing after a rubbish start, just to show you how to play the game.


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