Clever Tips To Raise Cash For A Rainy Day

Whether we like it or not, money does make the world go around. Without it we cannot afford shelter, food, water, clothing, warmth, and other essentials for our families. While money shouldn’t have an effect on who you are, having some extra cash lying around certainly helps make life much easier.

Clever Tips To Raise Cash For A Rainy Day

It’s horrible when you’re landed with an unexpected bill and you’ve somehow got to try and find the cash to resolve the problem. However, there are some very clever ways to raise money for a rainy day so that when something does crop up, you’re financially prepared to deal with the situation.

Call your utility companies

It’s a little-known fact that every single one of your utility companies can in fact, offer you a much cheaper price. However, for obvious reasons they do not tell you this. Call around all of your providers, including bills like your phone contract and your television subscription and haggle them down to a cheaper price.

More often than not, they will oblige because they want to keep hold of you as a customer. Even if you only get a small amount off your bills each month, in the long run that will tot up to a large amount of money. Then, with the money that you’re going to be saving each month, you could start up a rainy day fund and put the extra cash into it.

Get money back on what you spend

Did you know that you can get money back on what you spend your money on? It’s hard to believe that in return for buying something, companies can offer you cash rewards for registering it with them. This works through a commission based business, but doesn’t cost you a penny to do.

Take a look at these top cashback sites that you can register your spendings on and earn yourself a pretty penny or two to add to your rainy day fund. Not only is this something that you can do for large spends like washing machines, but you can do it with your regular grocery shop, so each week you could be making yourself something, for literally nothing!

Sell crafts that you’ve made

If you’re the type of person that enjoys creating and crafting different things for a hobby, then why not consider selling those items to make yourself some extra cash? There are many different ways that you could go about it, to name a few:

  • Facebook selling sites
  • Etsy
  • Face to face garage sales
  • Through your own website

Just remember that if you’re making money through selling something that you’ve made then you will need to register yourself as a business. Don’t worry though, you’ve got a certain limit on how much you can make before you’re taxed. You never know, it could turn into an enterprise that makes you more money than you’d ever imagined!

Become a freelancer

Freelance work is one of the easiest ways to make quick and easy cash for a small amount of work. Websites like Upwork are always looking for freelancers because companies post job listings looking for help. You agree a price and time frame with these companies and that’s just about it!

So, if you’re a keen writer or are good at accounting (among many other skills) then sign yourself up for some easy freelance work!

Upcycle and sell unwanted furniture

Finally, if you have some furniture laying around that you no longer need or want, then consider upcycling it and selling it on so that you can make some spare cash for your rainy day fund. It’s a great way of ensuring that a perfectly good piece of furniture won’t go to waste, and also making a little extra money on it than if you were to sell it as it is!

Try these clever tips so that you can start and maintain a rainy day fund!

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