Are You Spending Too Much To Be Entertained?

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We work hard; we play hard. That’s how it’s supposed to go, but sometimes the “play hard” aspect is hard to stay on top of. After all, with the costs of living rising all the time, we don’t always have as much as we’d like to spend on our entertainment options. While you won’t be able to magic an entertainment-filled lifestyle out of thin air, it is possible that you can reduce how much it costs you. Below, we take a look at ways to keep on having fun without breaking the bank.

Are You Spending Too Much To Be Entertained?

Cheaper Options

It can be terrific fun to take the family to the cinema, but my goodness, it can be expensive. The cost of entry is bad enough, but then there’s the matter of drinks and snacks. Suddenly, that two-hour jaunt out to the cinema has become insanely expensive. And there’s no guarantee that you’re even going to like the film! If you want to go to the biggest cinema in town on a Saturday night, then yeah, you’re going to pay for it. Instead, look at going during the week, when ticket prices can be lower, and, most importantly, visiting independent cinemas. They might just be cheaper than the big chains.

Free Days Out

It would be nice to visit a theme park every weekend, but if you do that, you’ll run through your monthly budget pretty quickly! Luckily, if you’re in the UK, then you do have a free option for a day out – a trip to the museum. That our museums are free shouldn’t be taken for granted – most people across the world have to pay to visit theirs. It might sound like the most rock and roll day out, but give it a try – museums aren’t just “Old Things Behind Glass” anymore. They’re interactive and fun for the whole family.

Expensive Cable and Internet

Most of our entertainment takes place in the house, especially during the autumn and winter months. But alas, this isn’t cheap! However, it’s possible that it doesn’t have to be quite as expensive as it currently is. If you’ve got a costly internet and cable package, then you’ll be able to make great savings by lowering your tariffs or cancelling the contract altogether. Most people don’t need super fast internet for instance; they can get by on the slower (but still fast), cheaper option. And if you get aerials fitted, you can cancel your Sky or Virgin TV package altogether; Freeview has most of the channels you’d care to watch anyway. You don’t need to have everything to be entertained, and you’ll have more money in your pocket.

Friends and Family

Most of us spend money on going out not because we love the pub or restaurant scene, but because we want to see our friends and family. Instead of meeting out an expensive spot, look at inviting people to your home. A night spent playing board games and other games won’t cost you anything, and you’ll have just as much fun.

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