Turning Your Blog Into A Business

When you first start your blog, you don’t always think of it as a commercial venture. More often than not, it’s something that you start as a hobby, or to support your career. But you don’t always think about treating it as a business as soon as you get set up. However, as time goes by, you may find that you’re ready to treat your blog as a business. Whether you’re starting to make some money from it, or you want to create a career from blogging, you may not know how to go about this. So, to help you get set up and be able to treat your blog like a business, here are a few things you need to do.

What You Need To Make Your Blog Feel Like A Business

Personal Domain

The very first thing you’re going to want to do is get yourself a personal domain. This may even be something that you’ve already done, but if you are new to the blogging world, then you may still have a .wordpress or .blogger address. While these domains are fine for blogging for personal reasons, but when you want to turn it into a business, you need to be able to look a lot more professional. One of the best ways to do that is to get a personalized domain and an email address to go with it too.

Business Cards

From here, you may also want to think about getting some business cards made up too. Because as you go through your blogging career, you may find that you’re invited to a range of events. And when that’s the case, you may want to hand out cards like the NFC business cards to people that you may potentially work with. It’s a great way to be prepared and promote yourself at the same time.


That leads us nicely to the next point, because in order to treat your blog like a business, you need customers. These can often come in a few different forms. Because firstly, you have your readers. And they can often be your customers by reading your site and buying any products that you promote or even sell yourself. But at the same time, brands and other businesses can also be your customers too, as they will often pay for sponsored content and advertise on your blog too.

An Office

From here, you may also want to think about getting an office space sorted too. Because every business has an office to work from. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, it can even be in the corner of your living space. But you might find that setting up a separate home office space helps you to feel like you’re working for a business too.


Finally, the last thing you should think about getting is some employees. Now, you may not want to hire actual employees to start with, but you may want to think about working with freelance contractors for the things you need. Whether it’s graphic design, marketing, or even an assistant, when you’re starting to get business, you may find that hiring these people can really help you to run your blog like a business.

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