UK TopCashback Xmas Treats Giveaway 2018

This TopCashback Giveaway has now finished – if you are looking for the current giveaway then click here, all the daily clues are included.

You know, I’ve been checking for this giveaway every day since mid-November and the day it arrives I’m stuck in a 3-hour assessment for uni…typical! Anyway, it’s here! My favourite time of the year, it’s the TopCashback Xmas Treats Giveaway 2018 which means it’s nearly CHRIIIIIIIIISTMAS!!!

TopCashback Xmas Treats Giveaway 2018

TopCashback Xmas Treats Giveaway 2018

OK, so if you’re new to this, the aim of the TopCashback giveaway is to hunt down the hummingbird using daily clues. If you find said hummingbird then you give him a click and he’ll reveal a prize to you. The prize will either be a prize draw entry for the Mega Prize Draw worth a £2,000 OR an Xmas Treat which you collect to win one of eight instant prizes. He is also hiding among other pages as well as the daily clues, this is random and you could spend all day looking but never find him – I tend to just randomly click a few extra companies each day and hope to find him.topcashback xmas treat giveaway

The giveaway is running until 24th December (23:59) so that’s 12 days of clues and prize draw entries, you can gain extra prize draw entries by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. You can gain five extra entries by clicking the Sweet Treats tab at the bottom and letting people know you are playing along on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the one entry for announcing that you’ve found a treat.

Buy To Win Bonus

Earn cash back with any of the retailers below until 24th December 2018, and you’ll be entered into a draw to win an additional £100 cashback!

Winners will be announced at the end of the competition. See the Terms & Conditions for more info.

topcashback xmas treat giveaway

Getting Started

If you don’t have a account then it takes moments to register for one here and you will also notice that you may have been missing out on £100’s of cashback from everyday purchases such as TV, Insurance and regular clothes shopping. I’ve earned over £1000 in cash back since I became a member, and most of that was made last year.

So, I will list the daily clues below each day and don’t worry if you miss a day or two, you can still go to the daily clue you missed to find the bird and get the prize. If you want a reminder to check here then go follow me on Twitter, you can even ask Twitter to notify you when I tweet. Good Luck!

I normally have the clue up just after midnight, if not then by 10am at the LATEST! If the clue isn’t showing then it might be worth clearing your cookies and checking again.

TopCashback XmasTreats Giveaway Daily Clues

13th December 2018: Figleaves

14th December 2018: John Greed

15th December 2018: FitFlop

16th December 2018: Adidas

17th December 2018: Ernest Jones

18th December 2018: Tassimo UK

19th December 2018: Dell Inspiron Gaming

20th December 2018: MandMDirect

21st December 2018: Lenovo

22nd December 2018: Quandoo

23rd December 2018: Casper Sleep

24th December 2018: Now TV

Good luck, let me know if you have any wins in the comments! Don’t forget to use TopCashback to get money back from purchases.

Looking for ways to make GUARANTEED cash? Check out Matched Betting and other posts over on Modern Money Life.

If I don’t see you before then have a fantastic festive period, no matter what you’re doing.

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41 thoughts on “UK TopCashback Xmas Treats Giveaway 2018”

  1. all i get is prize draw entry, i’ve entered every one during the year with no luck on any of them 🙁

  2. Love it that today’s answer is Adidas 16 Dec but the clue has a rival’s tag line (Nike’s “Just do it”). Red faces at TCB!

  3. Tammy it is so good to know you are only human like the rest of us, just can’t get some of top cash cluse without your help, thanks. 17th December is Ernest Jones (just in case any of us lesser mortals kept on looking under Earnest Jones, as clue given), like me for several attempts. :).

    • Not necessarily. Random birds are spread across the site and only the daily clue bird is accessible to everyone. It did, however, show up for me so thank you 🙂

    • Hey Christine. I’m not linked to TopCashback so I don’t know why they’ve stopped it but I’d assume that eBay would have pulled their affiliation with them.

    • Hi Christine,
      I read somewhere that this is a temporary thing (I think it was on a comment from TCB themselves), and that eBay will be back again soon. I guess it’s because of the Christmas rush perhaps? Anyway, my fingers are crossed that they are back on again soon. The signs are good.

  4. this one is dell inspiron gaming

    as dell so many pages on topcashback (and i see you couldnt find it chammy)

  5. Extra snowflake today at T M LEWIN and a PDE at Groupon – Hope that helps someone.

    and just remember to share on FB or Twitter to increase your final entry for the big prize to 6 attempts each time

  6. I also got one from Curries today! 😀

    I have 3/4 candy canes and 2/3 stars so feeling hopeful!!

    Katie xx

  7. I just got a PDE on Lenovo, I guessed that might have been the daily clue but it’s not showing on the list of collected so might have just been lucky?

  8. 21st Clue is LENOVO – Just got a PDE – I cannot find another Snowman for £10

    Did get more PDE today for Sky Broadband and – but I think it depends WHEN you click on them ??

    Good luck – Dave

    • Thank you! I just went on Sky Broadband and got a gingerbread man! My first instant win in ages and now I need 1 more for the fiver. Mostly I’m just getting pde’s

  9. No luck with Sky or Boohoo, will try again later as it seems to be fairly random as to whether you find a prize or not.

    So far today, I have picked up treats at Hotel Chocolat, Ralph Lauren, The Works and Watch Shop. Sadly, all PDEs, so I have still only amassed the princely sum of 10p in prizes 🙁

    • Sky and Boohoo tend to be daily clues so you might not find those randomly but keep trying 😀 I’ve won 30p so far but nowhere near any of the other prizes.

  10. No begging letters please, I just won .10p, thanks Tammy, needed your clue today (again). Think I will invest it. 🙂

  11. Has anybody ever heard of anyone winning one of the bigger prizes?
    I’ve won the odd 10p and 20p, but as yet the big prizes have been elusive.

    • I’ve not seen anyone win more than £5’s and no-one has ever told me of any big winnings in the 2/3 years I’ve been doing these clues.

  12. I’ve won 10p & 20p so far. Thanks Tammy I always find your page useful if I can’t work out or miss a clue.
    Merry Christmas! Sx

  13. Yes! Just won £1 with my final present on Myprotein! Very happy and these clues have been helping lots. Total of £1.10 now 🙂

  14. won 10p, 20p and £1 so far

    and the only time done top causully,

    past events i’ve had 200 tcb pages bookmarked in folders of 50 x 4, and opened them all in incornito windows after logging in, every 3-4 hours. and got over 1k pdes from doing such

    so ya i guess they like causul users,

    or they just know that as they stolen up to £18.6 a month from changing travelsupermarket to twice a week from 7 days a week, they own me something

  15. Fantastic Chammy just got 1 Star on Now TV the last daily clue, 10p and 20p as well as 15 draw entries, Thank you. I still need to find 2 more Stars & Presents, 3 more Snowmen, Sugar canes and Snowflakes but only 23 hours to go….the pressure is on…but nothing any more on Hotel Chocolat, Ralph Lauren, MyProtein, SKY Broadband or Bohoo, I fear those available additional prizes already got won, with over 11K humminbirds discovered and only 4,975 left…not so easy to get them…

  16. Can’t believe it……. I just found my third Gingerbread man and won £5. There was me thinking I wasn’t going to win even 10p. I found an extra hummingbird on Lookfantastic.
    I hope this helps someone else reach a win. Merry Christmas everyone S x

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