How To Survive Working From Home: 5 Tips And Tricks

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or with a company that allows you to work remotely, working from home can be a challenge in the beginning. Some are more naturally inclined to work individually and may find the transition easier than others.

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Regardless of your exact situation or personality type, there are a few tips and tricks that everyone can benefit from. Keep reading for five ways to survive (and thrive!) while working from home.

Enjoy The Lay-In

If you live in a large city, working from home may mean forgoing the long commute. This means you can sleep in for longer!

Your brain will benefit from the extra rest, so don’t feel like you’re being lazy. The extra 30 minutes or an hour in bed on a morning are a little gift to yourself that will help you to feel less sluggish and tired throughout the day.

Communicate With Your Colleagues

Don’t just stick to emails when you’re working from home. Embrace talking to an actual human and hearing their voices! Talk to the people you walk with to touch base, make sure you’re on top of everything and ensure there’s no miscommunication.

PMC Telecoms offers business telecommunication solutions for all your home office needs. Using phones with headsets are perfect for keeping productive on a call to a client or colleague.

Make Yourself Presentable And Leave Your Home

Working from home seems like the perfect opportunity to stay in your pyjamas all day, but you should avoid this. You need to have some separation so that you know when it’s time to relax and when it’s time to work.

Put on some nice yet comfortable clothes and head out for lunch or a coffee with a friend or family member. Even if you walk around the block for 15 minutes, this break outside will benefit you greatly and you’ll return to your home office inspired and motivated.

Draw Up A Quick List Of All The Distractions

Getting distracted at home is far too easy. Maybe it’s the TV, your smartphone, or a really good book. Instead of letting these things to distract you, you can instead use them to motivate you!

Make a list of these things you love to do as an incentive to focus on and finish your work. Once you’ve completed your daily to-do list, you can get to those fun activities.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hydration is paramount for your productivity and focus throughout the day. Drinking enough water can easily be forgotten when you’re not being particularly active.

If this is something you struggle with, purchase a one litre bottle of water that stays at your desk or workspace. Using a permanent marker, draw lines on the outside of the bottle which the water level should reach by a certain time in the day. For example, a line or mark halfway down the bottle would say 12 p.m. This will serve as an easy reminder to take regular sips of water throughout the work day.

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