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Everywhere keeps telling me that I need to practice self-care, meditate, look after my mental health and put into place “good wellbeing practices”, this is on top of eating healthy, getting in exercise and drinking water but where do you start? Self-care is more than slapping on a facemask, painting your toenails and catching up with soaps, it’s about self-reflection, acts of kindness (to yourself and others) and working on being the best you can be.

Where to Start with Mindfulness

It’s never something I’ve really looked in to until recently. As someone studying health, you’d think this would be in my area of expertise but I’m, in fact, clueless. It’s something I keep saying I need to look at, to start doing and make a part of my everyday life but whenever you see inspiration images on Instagram they simply tell you to “treat yourself”, “take a break” and “find a new hobby” – they don’t actually give you any indication on what to do in order to fulfil that gap in your life.

If you’re like me then you need a guide, a how-to or a little bit of handholding. How about a daily task? 

What are Mind Cards? 

These beautifully made cards are small daily tasks for you to complete with the hopes that they’ll help you reach whatever it is you’re looking for. This might be feeling better about yourself, helping others, being more mindful or grateful of the world around you. For me, they allow me the time to take a step back because I’ve set myself the goal of completing one each day instead of just trying to make time to “be better” at something.

It might sound weird and you ask “why do you need these cards?” and to that, I say that they hold me accountable. I know I have to do them every day rather than “oh, I need to remember to think of something to do today that helps me feel more grateful/mindful/thankful etc”.

Depending on the category you will be asked to do anything from a random act of kindness towards another to reflecting on a quote or journaling about a specific topic. It is recommended that you write down your reflections and journal entries so you can use them as a point of reference and something to come back to at a later date to see how far you’ve come. You can either grab yourself *a fancy journal to do that in or do it online – I’ve been using my Instagram grid to journal and reflect on those specific days, as well as sharing my daily task.

Where Can You Purchase Mind Cards?

These specific mind cards are from *LSW London and cost £9.99 (plus p&p). They come as a set of 45 cards with instructions and a sturdy box to store them in. Each task focus on one of the five categories – gratitude, kindness, ritual, journal and reflection. They’re a gorgeous set of cards with a great selection of tasks for you to complete. 

Other Products from LSW London

As well as Mind Cards, LSW London offer a couple of other mindfulness products. The first one is an e-book called *Getting To Know You (£3.95) which looks into how you can be a better you and is full of exercises, guides and techniques for you to learn and practice. The second one is a range of recordings aimed at helping you relax and to encourage you to take 10 minutes out of your day to do nothing. The topics of these recordings tie in with some of the cards focusing on *relaxation, *gratitude, *reflection and *ritual (£2.99 per recording). Gift cards are also available (from £10).

You can also follow LSW London on Facebook and Instagram.

My Thoughts on LSW Mind Cards

I purchased these cards, they weren’t sent to me and if I’m honest, it’s not something I’d normally consider buying for myself. However, as I said at the beginning of the post, I need spoon-feeding when it comes to incorporating mindfulness into my life and these cards have done just that. A small task each day that doesn’t take long to complete but is having a big impact. Self-reflection as been a huge focus of my second year of university, with two assignments being based around it, so these have been a good practice as well as pushing me to stay on top of a very valuable life skill.

If you want to keep up to date with my daily task then pop over to my Instagram profile where I have them highlighted.

I did receive the e-book and relaxation recording for free. Lili’s voice is very calming and soothing so it certainly relaxes me but I’ve not had a chance to read much of the e-book at the time of writing this – once I have I’ll come back and update.

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