Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit Review

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Being someone who suffers from excess hair, thanks to PCOS, I’m so self-conscious about the extra on my face. My “peach fuzz” has always bothered me and seems like it’s so obvious to other people, along with the thicker hair I grow thanks to the hormone imbalance. So, I decided a few months ago to start removing it which has led me to upgrade to the Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit – here’s what I think.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment which gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells as well as what is known as peach fuzz (the light hair on your face). Until recently it was a treatment offered by trained (and licensed) dermatologists as it used a surgical scale however, with many beauty treatments, at-home methods soon appeared.

It leaves you with super soft skin that makes applying makeup easier and has a more even coverage, all without having to exfoliate which was the option before dermaplaning. For me, it gives me a little more self-confidence by removing excess hair.

Why the Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit?

Up until now, I’ve been using those really cheap “eyebrow” razors and before then it was Veet’s hair removal cream. Both did the job, however, both left me feeling a little delicate afterwards. I’ve even tried waxing my facial hair but again, that would bring me up in a rash with huge, painful spots. The facial razors have been the best of a bad bunch, causing the least irritation but I have managed to cut myself a couple of times. 

I saw the Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit advertised a month or so back and decided to take a look at it. I had a quick look for it on places such as Superdrug, Boots and Amazon as well as a couple of YouTube reviews before I decided that I was going to buy it – my first thoughts we that it was a little pricey, especially compared to the slice-and-dice-your-face razors I have been using.

What’s in the Box?

As I’ve said, I had a look around in order to get the best value. Amazon, at the time, was much cheaper than anywhere else so that is where I purchased mine from. They do a “full kit” where you get the original kit which has enough for a month’s worth of dermaplaning plus a bottle of their Miraculous oil and a refill set (2 fresh blades). As I wasn’t sure about the whole thing, I opted just to go for the original kit and I worked out that if I did like it that it was going to be slightly cheaper to buy it all separately anyway – go figure!

So, inside the box, you get the razor body, which takes 1xAA battery, two blades, two sachets of miracle oil and a bag to store it all in.

Below I have listed all the items you can get from Veet for Dermaplaning. If you decide to purchase any of them then check for the best option – when I bought mine it was about £4 cheaper to get them separately compared to the full kit.

How the Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit Works

The kit is meant to be used on the forehead, entire chin area, upper lips and cheeks. You cleanse your face, dry it and apply some of the Miraculous Oil to the areas you will use the razor on. Then, in small strokes at a 45-degree angle, you gently brush it against your face removing everything in its path. Tip: I found it handy to have some tissue handy to keep cleaning the blade.

The whole treatment takes about 10 minutes and is extremely relaxing – I can see why people pay to have it done for them.

It is recommended that you use a fresh blade for each treatment and can be done roughly every two weeks, depending on personal hair growth. The whole thing is waterproof too so make sure to rinse it after use.

My Personal Review

I was sceptical about the whole thing, especially paying over £20 for what is basically a razor blade but, I have to say I was surprised. The whole experience of using it was wonderful and the results speak for themselves. The oil smells lush and like a real treatment on my face, I’m prone to spots and I haven’t really experienced any excess breakouts due to using the oil or the kit. 

Almost two weeks later and my skin is still feeling great, for the most part, which I’ll talk about further down in relation to using this and PCOS. Will I use it again? Yes! I’m fortunate that I was sent the bottle of oil as a gift from Katy ( so after my next treatment I’ll be putting the blade refills on subscribe and save on a once a month delivery cycle.

The Husband’s Review: Can Men Use the Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit? 

Yes, I gave this a whirl on my husband who absolutely loved the whole process. Now, it could just be the fact I had him laid back with spa music on while giving him this treatment, that resulted in him telling me to put this in my review but he actually noticed a difference in his skin too. I only used it on his forehead and cheek areas as he has a beard so half his face is off-limits.

“Made my skin feel nice afterwards. Obviously, it’s not meant to be used on beards so you need something more rugged than that.”

If you’re a man wondering if you can use this then yes, the Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit is fine for men.

Veet Dermaplaning Face Kit and PCOS

PCOS hair removal is a tricky subject. Unfortunately, it’s not the same as peach fuzz which when removed leaves your face feeling like a baby’s butt cheek, it’s the opposite. I purposely let my chin hair grow for over a week so I could give this a proper test on those PCOS problem areas. I almost had a goatee at the time of using it – and that’s not an exaggeration. In the image below you can see my chin (biggest problem area) just before I used the dermaplaning kit and then almost straight afterwards.

As you can see, complete hair removal and little to no irritation however, what you can’t see is that the areas where the hair grows thickest it actually felt like stubble. Unfortunately, I had the tweezers out only a few hours later because my growth is that fast. So, if you’re someone who suffers from excess facial hair then this is pretty much like shaving and you need to treat the hair from the root – in my case, tweezing 1/2 times daily. It’s not a facial hair removal device, that is just a result of the dermaplaning process.

On a side note: No, your peach fuzz doesn’t grow back thicker when you remove it with the dermaplaning blade. In order for there to be a change in the coarseness of the hair, there needs to be a change at the follicle, on a hormonal level – which is why the PCOS related hair is so different.


It’s a great little device that makes your face feel amazing! It’s a little on *the pricey side with you having to buy new refills after each treatment but it doesn’t shred your face like the cheap ones too (those you get 10 for a pound) and I personally feel it’s worth it. Great on peach fuzz and my husband loves it. Not great on hair associated with PCOS or hormonal imbalances – stick to tweezers or wax.

Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments what you think. If you have any questions then please feel free to ask in the comments below or grab me on social media (links in the sidebar).

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