Hellooooooooo….This Is Why We’ve Banned Stampy Cat

I love YouTube just as much as most people. I have a selection of content producers who I watch and support on a regular basis, everything from beauty and make-up to films and gaming. It was inevitable that Eban would follow suit and join me in my YouTube enjoyment; and in most cases I don’t mind. Recently there is one YouTuber who has really started to grind on us and has been impacting, negatively, on Eban. Here is why we’ve banned Stampy Cat.

banned Stampy cat

Who Is Stampy Cat?

Stampy Cat aka Joseph Garrett is a British YouTuber famous for his Minecraft “Lets Play” videos. He runs around the world as his famous cat avatar (rather than the default Steve character) having adventures with other YouTubers as well as creating stories and worlds to explore. Stampy is famously known for his laugh, pretty similar to Jimmy Carr’s and his opening phrase “Heellooooooooo this is Stampy and welcome to another Minecraft video”

He’s Being Creative & Encouraging Imagination Though, Isn’t He?

I’ll give him that. He does create fun story-lines and provides entertainment – in a sense. He runs around on adventures, engaging with his viewers and it can be funny…for a small amount of time. Personally I much prefer other YouTubers in this field such as iBallisticSquid and DanTDM – if you’re not a gamer or a parent then those names will go straight over your head.

Why Have You Banned Stampy Cat?

Since Eban started with the talking malarkey we’ve always received compliments about how polite and well spoken he is; I know, and he has me for a parent. Recently his speech has changed. He’s adopted a weird inflection where he raises his voice at the end of EVERY SENTENCE – like he’s constantly asking questions. This is on top of other crap he’s started uttering.

It confused me. He doesn’t listen to any YouTubers who talk like this, so where has this come from? Then I found out. He came walking into the kitchen with his tablet watching a Minecraft video. It was Stampy Cat and every sentence was ending on a high note. Mystery solved. Eban’s sudden change in speaking was because of Stampy Cat.

And now he has gone.

Isn’t It A Bit Harsh?

No! It makes him sound ridiculous. I don’t care if I’m judged for it but I don’t want that influence on my son. If he wants to watch others play Minecraft that’s fine, there are plenty of them out there. Twenty-four hours into the ban and we’ve had no questionable sentences.

So there you have it. We’ve banned Stampy Cat because he’s a bad influence on our son’s speech.

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