Adding Education Quizzes To Family Game Night To Make Learning Fun

As a family we love card and board games. We try to set aside time each week so we can get together for a good game of Uno or Monopoly. We even love pulling the games out when the grownups come round to play, such as Balderdash or Cards Against Humanity. It’s a fun time that Eban loves, a chance to bond and a great way to help Eban learn. Recently I’ve been looking for ways to encourage his learning and have found education quizzes to be not only educational but a lot of fun.

education quizzes

We Didn’t Learn It Like That When I Was At School

It has been a long time since I was at school! Everything has changed and the way Eban is taught is a lot different to how I remember things. He’ll come out with words and methods that boggle my find so trying to help him can be a challenge. It can be very frustrating for us both. If he is working on some homework and gets stuck I just don’t have a clue how to help him. I’ll tell him how I’d do it, the way I was taught but it just confuses him.

Many schools now offer parents the chance to come in and learn how they teach but if I’m honest, I just can’t be bothered. I did my many years at school, I know how to do the work just not how my child does. Luckily though, as technology is integrated more in to learning I’m able to take advantage of this. Having these tools on my laptop or his tablet is able to help us both.

Slipping Education Quizzes Into Fun Time

I’m a firm believer that kids need to be kids, they need time to relax and switch off. The school day is a long one so expecting them to continue their learning at home doesn’t always work – especially for Eban. He wants to run around the garden with his football or jump on Minecraft and build something with his friends. Not sit for another hour at the dining table learning spellings or working through maths problems.

This is where Education Quizzes comes in handy. During game night we can slip a few of their teacher written quizzes in between rounds of Uno or during Monopoly. It adds a different element to the games as well as keeping Eban’s brain ticking.

Not Just English & Maths

I’m not great at maths, sometimes I really struggle to do basic sums so it fills me with dread having to help Eban with his. Education Quizzes supply quizzes for a range of subjects, at your child’s level. Subjects such as science, history and ICT. They cover from KS1 to GCSE so help your child all the way through their education until post 16 education.

Eban loves the history quizzes, last term they did a topic about the Romans at school so these quizzes have come in handy.

More About Education Quizzes

As I’ve previously mentioned Education Quizzes use teachers to help write their quizzes. This means that they are relevant to what children are learning at school. They are written at the right level so are appropriate. There is a monthly subscription for this site which is £9.95 – it can be cancelled at any time.

Education Quizzes In Schools

For many, the monthly subscription cost might be a little too much – kids aren’t cheap as it is. This is why Education Quizzes offers schools the chance to purchase the membership on behalf of the children in their care. Depending on the size of the school, memberships can work out as cheap as £2 per student per month, which is a tiny amount if it means they can have access to this additional learning from home.

It might be worth chatting to your child’s teacher to see if they’d be open to supporting your child in this way.

By adding learning into our family fun time it doesn’t feel like we’re forcing Eban to do something he doesn’t want to do. It makes it fun and I think by making it fun it helps him learn. Do you do anything different to support your child’s learning?

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Helping your child's learning can be, well, boring! Using Education Quizzes helps keep it interesting as well as educational.

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