Stuffing Our Faces As A Family: La Famiglia @ Prezzo

Eating together as a family has always been a dream of mine. Sitting at the table, discussing the day and fun banter is something I’ve tried to achieve but life doesn’t work like that. Some days Eban will eat a completely separate meal to us because of work or school. So when I was given the offer to eat as a family at Prezzo recently I couldn’t wait.

The Benefits Of Eating As A Family

I love being able to chat about everyone’s day, even if all Eban talks about is Pokemon. When we go out to eat I’m eager for the chat to take place but choosing from the menu can honestly take ages. I personally am so indecisive that it becomes almost frustrating to hit a restaurant as a family, especially one we haven’t eaten at before.

I also suffer with food envy. I normally end up wanting whatever Aaron has had so in order to get a taste I’ll offer him a taste of mine first; sometimes this works, a lot of the time is doesn’t.

Luckily for this visit to Prezzo in Sheffield, the La Famiglia menu made it super simple for us.

La Famiglia

The La Famiglia menu is a set menu for a family of four. It includes a giant sharing bowl of pasta, two garlic breads (with or without cheese), two sides and four desserts.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

As creamy cheesy pasta is a favourite in our house it was easy to choose which bowl of pasta we were having. We also opted to have our cheesy garlic bread as a starter, then had the truffle oil infused fries and mixed salad for our side orders.

The Food

We had already booked our table at the Sheffield Centertainment restaurant but arrived about half an hour early. Normally traffic can be a huge hassle on a Saturday but it was a warm day so most people must have gone elsewhere. There was no issue seating us earlier than booked and we ordered some drinks while looking at the menu.

I had a bottle of diet coke (later that was two), Aaron had a beer and Eban had an orange drink.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

As we waited for the food to arrive Aaron and Eban gave the children’s menu a look over as it had lots of activities to keep them both occupied, including food Sudoku.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

The garlic bread with cheese came out first and we couldn’t wait to tuck in, it smelled amazing and tasted just as good. The cheese became stringy as we ate it and it wasn’t long before we’d demolished it.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

Not long after having our plates cleared came the rest of our food. In all honesty, I didn’t expect the bowl to be as big as it was. I knew it was to feed four people but it was huge. Our lovely waitress came along and asked us if we’d like any grated Parmesan on our pasta, which we said yes to of course. She put LOADS on, I’ve never seen such a generous helping of grated cheese before.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

Both sides came with the pasta and those truffle oil infused fries were to die for, they were topped with Parmesan and just tasted amazing.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

I dished the three of us a generous bowl of pasta up while Aaron served up the sides and even with a bowl full each there was loads left. Luckily for us it was to feed four as the three of us love pasta so Aaron and I went in for a second helping of pasta, Eban knew there was dessert so was sensible.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

We polished off the lot – which explains why we’re now on a diet. The pasta was cooked perfectly and it was actually a lot of fun dishing up our own food – it mean’t we got what we wanted and could go back for more if we wanted it.

Then dessert arrived. We all fancied trying the gelato (Italian ice cream) as we’d never had it before, we all went for salted chocolate. It was really nice, a very subtle hint of salt just in case the name puts you off. Eban loves chocolate but he didn’t manage to finish off his gelato.

La Famiglia Prezzo Sheffield

The Restaurant & Staff

As I said earlier, I’ve never been to Prezzo before so it was a whole new experience for us. The restaurant was modern looking and Eban loved the brick work on the walls, he even asked the waitress about it. The staff we’re super helpful; making sure our food was fine, asking if we needed more drinks and just chatting with us but not in an overly intrusive way.

The entire experience was delightful and we’ve already said we’ll be going back. If you want to see what Eban thought about the food then take a look at this video we made about our visit.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge, sponsored by Prezzo

Eating as a family can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive. The La Famiglia at Prezzo gives you one giant bowl of pasta to share, making it simple and easy to enjoy great food as a family.

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