Thinking About Playground Safety

Cuts, bruises, grazes and all other “boo-boos”, this is what enters my mind as a parent when I hear the word “playground”. Sometimes the thought of taking Eban to a playground fills be with dread because he is “that kid” who will come away with a broken [insert bone] – though he has yet to break anything.

Thinking About Playground Safety

Thinking About Playground Safety

I’m the sort of mum to panic, I hate watching Eban climb and jump off of things. My heart sinks and I worry that the next jump is the one that will have us in A&E for four hours. I know I should, kids are kids, and they’re bound to hurt themselves at some point; otherwise how will they learn. This doesn’t stop me worrying when planning a trip to a children’s playground.

It also means I end up doing research into the facilities the playground has and what the safety is like. If I’m not happy then we’ll leave and I’ll find somewhere that is properly maintained.

Playground Surfaces

I still have memories for falling over, skidding off my bike or my blades and having to pick the gravel out of my palms or knees. How much a gravel injury burns and stings. There is nothing I love seeing more than those proper almost spongy surfaces, especially in more modern children’s areas as they help to create enticing, colourful playgrounds.

They’re appearing everywhere from playgrounds to nursery outdoor areas and as a mother they put my mind at rest. I hope Eban never suffers a stinging gravel wound.

The Equipment Maintenance

This for me is an instant leave if the equipment hasn’t been looked after. We have a local park which could be lovely but I’ll never take Eban because of it’s poor condition, not just the equipment but the surface is also damaged with weeds coming through.

Properly cared for equipment means there is less chance of accidents happening as well as being able to spot potential damage.

Sudocrem To The Rescue

Ok, so I might be a little over protective but when I plan a trip to the playground I also make sure I have a pack of wipes, plasters and a mini tub of Sudocreme on hand. I find that having this little first aid quick also helps to take Eban’s mind off the injury quicker because I’ve “treated it” so he can be off playing again in no time.

Am I the only over protective parent when it comes to thinking about playground safety?

Collaborative Post

Keeping Eban safe and out of harms way with a big thing for me. I don't want to see him hurt so when it comes to thinking about playground safety I might be a little over cautious.

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