easyHotel: A Tale Of Two Cities

As most of you are aware, last weekend I had an exhausting 470+ mile round trip for BlogOn Xmas and the SHOMOS conference. In a bid to save a few ££’s along the way, I decided that it was about time I experienced an easyHotel, or two.

EasyHotel Manchester

easyHotel: A Tale Of Two Cities

If you didn’t know, easyHotels are spread across Europe with 25 hotels in eight countries. They boast simple comfort at great value so as you’d expect from any of the companies under the easy brand (easyJet etc) you get a basic product for a low price with optional extras.

In the case of easyHotel, your basics are bed(s), a shower, sink, toilet, power sockets, mirror, towels, handwash and loo rolls. Extras include a window in your room, remote for the TV (if your room has one) and a breakfast box, amongst other things.

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t have high hopes for what I was paying for. I’d seen other reviews and videos but it was cheap accommodation and that’s all I needed; somewhere to rest my head, store my case and get washed.

London Barbican: Never Again

I was so looking forward to coming to do this post and be like “OMG, it was totes amazeballs for the money”, I wanted to be able to recommend it to high heaven and have you click on the links to book your own room. Unfortunately, my experience at the London Barbican hotel has pooped on that plan.

A Prison Cell

As I mentioned above, even a window is classed as an extra for these hotels and I went CHEAP! It was £52 for a twin room, in the middle of London on a Friday night and I got exactly what I paid for. I walked into a bland room with two single beds (as I was bunking with Katy) with the flattest of pillows and a cover.

Once the door shut, which I had to wiggle and lock just in case, we both felt like we were in a prison cell.

The Portaloo-Bathroom 

This is the only way I can describe the bathroom. Think of a portaloo, like you get at a festival, and tack a shower on. It was extremely basic and so small we had to take the loo roll off the holder so we could sit on the loo.

Where Was The Air-Con?

I don’t like to be warm when I’m asleep, TMI but I don’t like to sleep in anything. Luckily for Katy I have decency so I always pack PJs for sleeping in when we have these hotel sleepovers.  Unluckily for the both of us, there was no air con in the room so it soon became far too warm with us both “asleep” in there, fully clothed on a pretty warm September night.

I ended up using my quilt as a pillow because I just couldn’t cope with it on me and the pillow was so flat I was afraid I’d wake up with a bad neck the next day.

Sleep? What Sleep?

Both Katy and I are mothers. We look forward to our blogging weekends away because it means we get a night (or two) of sleep and a lay-in the next day. This just wasn’t happening. We could hear EVERY PERSON who walked passed out room, the lift moving and people in the rooms above/next to us talking. The walls were paper thin.

This meant neither of us got any real sleep, the odd half an hour here and there. Suffice to say we both suffered for it the next day, Katy more than me.

EasyHotel Barbican
Thanks to Katy for these photos – the first one is two spliced together which is why it’s a little off.

The London Roundup

You get what you pay for. I’ve stayed in a few crappy hotel rooms in the past but this was a whole new level. I felt awful having convinced Katy to stay in this hotel, purely to save me some money. Next trip to London I won’t be making that mistake again.

Manchester: It’s Not All Doom & Gloom

So Saturday evening I arrived in Manchester after a long day of blogging awesomeness. I wasn’t looking forward to my stay after the previous night’s experience but there was a small glimmer of hope because Katy made a mistake with the hotel rooms, accidentally booking two. As the rooms couldn’t be cancelled we ended up with one each – I could sleep naked which should help with the air con issues…at least.

What’s This?

We both dragged our luggage to our separate rooms, dreading to reveal what was behind it – I kinda knew what all those 90’s games show contestants felt like. But OH LOOK! The room wasn’t shit. In fact, it looked really, really nice.

The window (because Katy isn’t rubbish) had an exposed brickwork feature, there was a lovely pattern on the wall, the beds looked modern and comfortable with a decent thickness of pillow.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was actually a bathroom. The shower had a glass screen and it looked clean and useable. The shower itself was ok, nothing like a nice power shower but the water was hot and it did its job.

Holy Mother Of Air Con

There was air con! Actual cool, beautiful air-con that blew down over me as I slept. No sweaty mess of a Cham when I woke up the next morning. Just a refreshed and raring to go me. Oh, and there was a TV but obviously the remote for it was extra.

The Manchester Relief

As I said, I had hoped this post was going to be amazing and have you wanting to actually visit one yourself. Well, the Manchester one was definitely perfect if you just wanted somewhere to rest your head; and get some sleep. Unfortunately, Katy’s night wasn’t as pleasant as mine as she could hear everything happening with the couple next door *wink*.

So, would I stay in an easyHotel again? Well, if I need sleep and I have more than a few hours to kill where I am then no…certainly not. If I just needed somewhere to rest my head such as arriving at midnight then I’d consider it…well, except London Barbican. Pretty sure I’d stay at the Manchester easyHotel again, probably.

Have you ever stayed in an easyHotel? How was it?

I recently stayed at not one but TWO easyHotels. One in London (Barbican) and the other in Manchester. Here are my thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “easyHotel: A Tale Of Two Cities

  1. I think it just depends on which hotel you end up in, you just can’t guess what your going to get. I’ve only stayed in one and yes it was small but clean.

  2. OMG! I feel claustrophobic just looking at the London pic. HTH are you supposed to walk round the end of the bed? Manchester definitely sounds do-able in comparison. Maybe earplugs are in order for both though?

    • Yeah, earplugs are a must. I’d do Manchester again if I was looking for somewhere to split with friends, not with the hubby though. For that bit extra you can get a Premier Inn with breakfast 😉

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