Meet Ellie, The PNP Do-Good Elf

PNP Do-Good Elf

I’ve been a huge fan of PNP or Portable North Pole since they first launched in 2008 when I sent my younger brother (who was eight) his very own message from Santa. Since then I’ve used it for my own son as well as creating “naughty list” videos for friends and older family members. The service has come on a long way since then and they now offer toys, as well as their video packages, one of which is the Do-Good Elf.

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Violife Christmas Dairy Free Platter

Violife Christmas Dairy Free Platter

One of the hardest parts of becoming a vegan is dropping the cheese and most vegan cheeses don’t quite hit the spot but they’re pretty good. Christmas in the past was a cheese lovers dream in this house so having none this year was looking disappointing. But last night I had the chance to try the new Violife Christmas Dairy Free Platter and here are my thoughts.

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Watching The Waistline This Christmas

Christmas Weight Gain

I don’t know about you, but when Christmas comes around my mind turns to food. There is nothing I enjoy more than making a list of all the awesome food I’ll be preparing and buying in ready for the festive period. The only problem is the waistline and how much it increases over that two week period. Well, here are a few ideas to minimise the damage.

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Vegan Christmas Dinner: Portobello Wellington

Portobello Mushroom Wellington Vegan

Christmas dinner is the highlight of the day for many people, especially adults who don’t get a mountain of toys to keep them occupied. With this being the first year Aaron and I are vegan for the festive fun I’ve spent some time researching exactly what we will be having for our vegan Christmas dinner. If you’re not a vegan still check out the recipe, it’s sooo good!

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