The Personal Barber Subscription Box

The Personal Barber

With Birchboxes and Pink Parcels aplenty to treat yourself or your lady friends, it often seems like the men of this world get left out. I mean, not every guy wants a geek-themed box which is all there seems to be for them…well, until now. The awesome guys from The Personal Barber asked if Aaron would like to try one of their starter boxes so here is a look at what you get in it.

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Let Them Eat Cake: bakerdays Letterbox Cake

Bakerdays letterbox cake review

Sometimes finding the right gift can be hard, especially for the men in your life. There are only so many pairs of pants and socks they can get before they start contemplating their existence. When the guys at bakerdays got in contact asking if I’d like to try one of their Letterbox cakes for Father’s Day I knew it was a perfect match.

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Quirky T-Shirt & Mug From ShotDeadInTheHead

I'm sorry it's just I literally don't care

Buying for men is HARD! I hate trying to think of what to get Aaron for birthdays, Christmas and days such as Father’s day. I like quirky gifts so a box of chocolate or a video game just doesn’t cut it in my gift book. What I do enjoy buying is funky mugs and slogan shirts so when the guys at ShotDeadInTheHead offered me a couple of bits for a review I almost bit their hands off.

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Your Name In The Stars: Star Name Registry

name a star

This year Aaron is 30. As August gets closer I’m beginning to think about gifts for him and although he really isn’t bothered about gifts, I want to get him something special. He’s a big Sci-Fi nerd and loves anything to do with science, including space. So when Star Name Registry approached me to see if I wanted to name a star I jumped at the chance for such a unique gift.

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